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Kou Shishido[edit]

The star of the game, Kou is a young, energetic schoolboy who recently moved to Safari Town. Definitely a Personality-filled fighter, Kou is honorable, loyal, and friendly, and leads the Gotcha Force against the Galactic Emperor. His partner is G Red, who later gains his old data from Megaborg to form Neo G Red.

G Red[edit]

Kou's partner Gotcha Borg who is determined to stop the Death Force conquering the earth.


Kou's best friend, though they probably have known each other for a short time, seeing as Kou only moved recently. Kakeru is more easy-going and laid back than Kou. While Kou will most likely simply rush into a battle, Kakeru would rather simply make sure there is ample equipment and reinforcements for fighting. In battle he uses Ninja Borgs. His partner is Sasuke, a red-haired Normal Ninja.


A sweet girl whose cheerful attitude (and tendencies to place her friends' priorities above her own) makes her a hit with the other kids. She uses Nurse Borgs, and also uses Wizard Borgs. Her partner is Nao, a blonde Angel Nurse.


An energetic girl who loves sports. A slight bit of an ego resides within her, but her friendliness and casual demeanor rules it out completely. She uses Girl Borgs, and also uses Angel Borgs. Her partner is Kei, a red clothed, green-haired Battle Girl sporting a baseball cap.


An intelligent child who loves books and school, and would rather think and debate, than play or idle. He is Usagi's good friend and foil. He mainly uses Tank Borgs, and also uses Air Borgs. His partner is Leopard, a yellow and blue Normal Tank. Tsutomu suffers from a bit of a low self-esteem problem, and sometimes has to use positive self-talk to stay focused.

Koyama "Kitsune" Akio[edit]

A friend of Nekobe, he likes causing mischief. He is almost always found hanging out with Nekobe. He uses Machine Borgs. His partner is Isaac, a purple Claw Robot.

Nekobe Katsumi[edit]

A coward at heart, he tries to hide it by bullying other kids. Interestingly enough, even when the Death Force are at their most intimidating, Nekobe remains courageous and steadfast to the Gotcha Force, refusing to back down and continues to fight for the sake of other people. He uses Knight Borgs. His partner is Vlad, a purple Vampire Knight.


A boy fascinated by the military, and a young apprentice strategist, Met is a very serious and no-nonsense type of kid. While other children would probably be going out to play, Met would stay at home and continue to think of battle strategies. He mainly uses Tank, Ninja, and Insect Borgs, and sticks to support-based borgs. His partner is Shijima, a green Arrow Ninja.


He likes challenges and never backs down from a fight. He most often partners up with Met. He mainly uses Musha (Samurai) Borgs, and also uses Knight Borgs. His partner is Musashi, a white Normal Samurai.


A younger one who is always looking for fun. He wears overalls, a red shirt, and has a yellow and black tiger striped bandana on his head. He uses Gun Borgs. His partner is Billy, a blue-haired Revolver Gunman with sunglasses.


A weird child who is always saying random things, often during the strangest moments -- many others wonder if he's quite right in the head. He never takes fighting seriously, even if the world is at stake. He is also an unlikely ally of Sho. He mainly uses Knuckle Borgs, and his partner is Jack, a pink Jelly Diver.

Tama Tamagawa[edit]

One of the Death Force Commanders, he is a spoiled child who thinks he is better than everyone else, but can rarely back it up. He only uses Fortress Borgs, and uses Death Arc, a blue/purple Sirius, as his partner. Tama is pudgy, constantly eats, and also wears a little boys' sailor suit, and occasionally does the navy salute.


A mysterious child who fights both the Gotcha and Death forces who uses Wing Borgs. His partner is Garuda, a red and black Anubis Wing. There is very little official statements about him, but there are many rumors (and some gamers consider proof) that his father was killed by Gotcha Borgs. Though he is an enemy for the first parts of the game, he can become an ally if the player never loses a fight to him.


One of the Death Force Commanders. Her real name is Rin, but she goes under "Orochi." Little is known about her. She uses a variety of borgs and doesn't have a specific partner, but often uses Death Wing or Dark Knight as her heavy hitter. Though she is an enemy for the first parts of the game, she can become an ally during the second playthrough on if the player never loses a fight to her.

Galactic Emperor[edit]

Leads the Death Force in trying to destroy earth. He is the final boss of the game. (Is not a playable character in the game without a cheating device--when beating him, the player simply gets another G Red instead.)