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While not battling, the controls for this game are simple. They get more complex when in battle mode.

Control Action(s)
Story Mode Gotcha Box Battle Mode
Neutral control
  • Move the cursor around town to select a battle area.
  • Choose action.
Move selection hand around in the box. Push steadily to move around the battlefield. Tap to "slide" in the selected direction. Good for Dodging attacks.
A button
  • Confirm actions.
  • Advance text.
"Grab" a Gotcha Borg. If one is already "held", it will be set down in the selected empty spot, or switched with the borg that is currently occupying that spot. While in Stats view, the shown Borg performs its victory pose. Jump, use rocket boosters, or flap wings, depending on your Gotcha Borg's abilities.
B button Cancel actions. Replace the held borg where it was picked up from. Perform melee & short-range attacks when near an enemy, or fire your long-range weapon when further away.
X button Open Gotcha Box. Open Stats view. If in Stats view already, cancel the borg's victory pose. Use Special Moves/Abilities.
Y button N/A Open the Box menu. Activate Powered-Up mode when meter is charged.
L button / R button N/A Switch from Box to Warehouse to data list and back to Box, in that order. Switch lock-on to Previous/Next enemy target, respectively.
Z button N/A Show/Hide Force Selection Wheel. Target Ally, useful for locating your partner, especially when they have a Borg that can do healing.
Start button Show the save menu. Close Box. Pause Game. Can use menu to withdraw from battle.