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On the left side of the New Camp, facing the cave wall, you'll see a group of people standing around a pot. One of them is Baal Kagan.

Talk to Baal Kagan and ask about swampweed distribution. Although he'll tell you that you can't help distribute the weed, formally, he would be interested if you could help seed for customers amongst the New Camp. Agree and he'll give you ten pieces of swampweed to hand out to different Rogues of the New Camp for 10 ore apiece. After handing out the swampweed, return to Baal Kagan for your reward.

If you ask for money or magic, he'll give you either of those; but, if you ask for his vote into the Sect Camp, he'll give you some Prepared Swampweed. During the Baal missions, you give the Prepared Swampweed to Baal Tyon.

Try to perform Baal Kagan's quest and Baal Ishidro's quests separately. You run the risk of selling or handing out the others' swampweed by accident.