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Resolved and unresolved mysteries, oddities, quirks, unfinished features and loose ends. Listed here so you can finally sleep.


Nope. He's very annoying and very useless. Even beating him up nets you 0 XP because Mud is level 0. The only other character in the game who is level 0 is you before you level up. Nobody will be bothered if you attack him either, so feel free to use him as a punching bag.


Don't bother taking the thousands of coins from the castle and coins from any other places where you might find them. Coins are worthless in the colony, they have no trade value and no other use either. You pay with ore nuggets.

Can I mine for ore?[edit]

Nope. You can use a Pickaxe (7/5) on the ore nuggets in the mines, but nothing will result from that. Swiney even comments on this if you tell him you want to be a scraper. He gives you your scraper outfit/armor and says there'll be a pickaxe laying around somewhere, but "you won't be able to do much with it, well, so what!"

The girl in the intro[edit]

Nameless can mention her a few times and it suggests he's kinda concerned about her. (when talking to Gomez' guards) Her name is Velaya and she can be observed sleeping and bathing (yes.. you read that right) in Gomez' room. But you can't rescue her, engage in dialog or even kill her. (all the babes are immortal)

Kalom's recipe[edit]

You get this thing for Dexter. You can read it while it's in your inventory. Dexter is apparently able to understand it, but won't explain it. To date (2020), nobody has figured out what it means.


There are alchemy tables and some alchemy items (pure alchol, mercury, lab flask) in the game. Lab flask can be used on the alchemy table, but doesn't result in anything. There is also a suggestion in the game code that the minecrawler eggs could be used to create a +10 max mana potion.. (itfo_potion_elixier_egg) nobody knows how. It was probably scrapped.

Arena fights[edit]

If you ask Scatty about betting, he'll tell you there's no fight going on and there will be an announcement. There won't.

All kinds of items[edit]

Most items (tumblers, razors, spoons, teeth, animal skin, pans, plates, cutlery, etc) have no real use. And joints and lutes are completely useless beyond the first one. (though you can continue using them for the atmosphere) All this stuff can be traded, but that's it. The mystery would mostly be why merchants even offer this junk. Well, unless you beat up the merchant and steal it so you can trade it with another merchant, but there is no reason whatsoever to buy this rubble.


Shrat sits in a hut in the swamp in the swamp camp. You can get him to follow you, but he typically gets himself killed rather soon if you do that. If you don't kill all the swamp sharks before entering his hut, he's doomed. Or he just gets stuck somewhere because the AI pathfinding doesn't work too well in the swamp. He'll often fail to even get out of his hut properly as he doesn't understand the concept of doors. There's not much to say about Shrat. If you missed him or he got himself killed, no big deal, just carry on.

Potion of Quick Healing[edit]

Health +30 potion (not life, health) that's found somewhere deep in the free mine near the orc slave. It's similar to the essence (+50), extract (+70) and elixer (+100) potions of healing, except that potion of quick heal only heals 30. And it's not quick despite what the name would suggest. Potion of Quick Healing has a very long drawn out unskippable drinking animation. And there is only one such potion in the entire game! All this would suggest it's a leftover from early development. It probably wasn't supposed to be in the final game and was probably supposed to be replaced with essence or extract of healing.

Locked door in the armory of the old camp castle[edit]

On your right when facing Skip, there's a door. It's locked. The Iron Key (not in the game) was probably supposed to be the key for it, but it doesn't work. Behind the door is a small room with a chest. The chest doesn't contain anything interesting.

Column on top of the monastery ruins[edit]

Okay, that was useless.

The monastery ruins (which you'll visit to get the Focus in the Monastery Ruins) have a wall that you can climb. When you reach the top you will be standing on a platform with a column/pillar. There will be a gap between your platform and another platform which has a chest sitting on it! The column, how convenient, has a crack in it! And it highlights as an object that can be interacted with! It's just begging to be toppled over! Well, that was actually supposed to be possible. But it was bugged: it's not solid.[1][2][3] In the end, the developers patched it so it would fall down the wrong way. The other side can be reached with acrobatics, transform into bloodfly or just cheats. There's nothing special in the chest. (there's a transform into molerat scroll, but you can buy those from the merchants)


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