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Well, there's no nice way of saying it. Y'Berion is dead. Even though he seems to writher. And his "corpse" will eventually be moved to the right-most chamber in the temple for some inexplicable reason. But enough of that.

Cor Angar will announce that with Cor Kalom having run away with a bunch of Templars and abandoning the village like he did, and the failure of the Sleeper's contact, Y'Berion placed all his hopes on the New Camp's escape plan. He'll give you the key to the chest in Cor Kalom's laboratory - the right one that can't be unlocked otherwise - so you can take the Focus Stone and the Almanac to the Water Mages.

Note that Cor Kalom's bodyguard is oblivious to what's happening, even when it's happening to his "master." Likewise, a few Sect Campers, notably Lester, will continue to greet with "Awaken!" regardless of their new opinion that the "Sleeper" is really some kind of demon. In my guess, that's a big leap of logic for the former Sect Camp members who devote themselves to the Sleeper.

In my humble opinion, it and future references to the "demon" rather ruin what would or could have been a very revealing and dramatic conversation with the banished Orc shaman much later.

Grab the Focus Stone and the Almanac and head over to the New Camp. Past Lee's cave is the Water Mages's grotto, but the Mercenaries for the grotto won't let you past until you give the password. Save the trouble of guessing and go down to the ore mound and talk to Cronos. Mention Y'Berion's death and you will be told to talk to Saturas, the leader of the Water Mages; Cronos will give you the password to get past the Mercenaries. When you are to repeat it to the guards, the game will intentionally try to screw you up by giving you slight misspellings of the password alongside the real one, but make sure to give the one Cronos said.

Saturas is in the large imposing entrance at the back, beyond Nefarious. Talk to Saturas, give him the Focus Stone and Almanac, and the mission's over. You can auto-begin the next mission just by choosing the correct dialogue options.