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How to get your hands on interesting gear, mostly how to get it early. If you're instead looking for money or stuff to barter, try a get-rich-quick scheme instead.


Fireball, Ice Block and Fist of Wind runes, no magic circle required[edit]

Nutshell icon.png This idea, in a nutshell:

Buy 8 Ice Bolt scrolls from Cronos, kill fire golem, use its heart to kill the ice golem and get its heart, gtfo.

Fireball, Ice Block and Fist of Wind are powerful magic spells. If you encase your foe in an ice block first (rendering them immobile for some time) and hit them with a fireball after that, you can defeat many very powerful foes you'd otherwise have no chance defeating without massively increasing your strength and/or dexterity. Also, with Ice Block, you can freeze enemies you can't defeat and leisurely walk past them.

Normally you'd use these with spell scrolls (which are one-use) or runes. Runes require you to be a magician and put skill points into entering a magic circle. Fireball and Ice Block are in the third circle, Fist of Wind in the second circle. Entering the third circle will cost you 45 skill points and you won't be able to do it until you've completed Secretion of the Minecrawlers.

What if you had runes that didn't require a magic circle, only mana, like spell scrolls? Well, those exist (and not just the teleportation runes), and once you know about it, they're not even that hard to get! This isn't too well known, this StrategyWiki writer discovered this independently. (though it was already known, at least to speedrunners)

  1. Go to the new camp. If you just started a new game, use a get-rich-quick scheme, you'll need something to barter with. The crude swords you can make in the old camp are sufficient. You need 600 ore or 1200 ore worth of goods. (goods sell for half their value) Then do Thorus' Quest to get to the new camp.
  2. Go to Cronos. Buy 8 ice bolt spell scrolls (cost 50 ore each) and the ring of Magic Power. (+10 mana, cost 200 ore) If you can't afford the ring, increase your max mana to at least 13 some other way. (Cronos can convert your skill points, you can buy a Dreamcall from Baal Kagan for a free +2 max mana)
  3. How to evade the orc before the citadel
    Go to the old camp south entrance. Follow the path away from the camp and meet Pacho who will warn you about the orc land. Continue down the path. When you see some orc dogs in the distance, there will be a rock formation on your left that you can climb. Climb all the way to the top. Near the summit you'll encounter an orc hunter. Look around the corner, when the orc notices you, allow him to come a little closer to you. This will make it easier to get past him as you won't be passing him in the narrowest part of the path. Run/bunnyhop past the orc and keep going.
  4. How to evade the orc in front of the bridge
    When you reach the ruined citadel and go around the corner, you can climb the wall and pass through the citadel to avoid the orc that's guarding the bridge altogether. Or just run past the orc. Either enter the bridge and jump off of it or jump off the cliff right from the bridge. Don't jump left of the bridge! Now swim past the sunken tower (don't bother entering it now, it's not worth it without the key) and climb onto the shore.
  5. Continue and you'll find a path. Follow the path to the left. On the ground there's a skeleton and an old battle axe. Pick it up, as it is an excellent starting two-handed weapon once you have the strength to wield it. You are now near Xardas' tower with many interesting creatures around. Go left at the split where you found the old battle axe and you'll encounter (in this order) a stone golem, an ice golem and a fire golem. The attacks of these golems are massively powerful, but they are slow. So you're going to run/bunnyhop past all of them, which will be much easier than the orcs.
  6. Now make sure you have your ice bolt scrolls and magic ring equipped and your mana is charged. Now hit the fire golem with 8 ice bolts. Don't miss, you need exactly 8 to defeat the fire golem! (also don't use Ice Block here, it won't work) Loot the remains to find the Heart of a Fire Golem, which is essentially a Fireball rune, but doesn't require a magic circle!
  7. Equip the heart of the Fire Golem, make sure you have at least 5 mana left and launch one fully charged (hold use + up until Nameless launches the fireball) fireball at the Ice Golem. That's all it took, the Ice Golem will melt. Loot the remains to find the Heart of an Ice Golem, which is essentially an Ice Block rune that doesn't require a magic circle!
  8. If you already have a teleport rune, use it. Otherwise, run/bunnyhop past the Stone Golem and jump back into the lake and swim to the river right of the sunken tower.* Swim down the stream. You can get back on shore on the left, but the current can make this difficult if you didn't stick to the left. Don't worry though, if you just keep swimming you'll go down two waterfalls (which are safe to fall from, deep water) and wash ashore in the swamp camp. You could also swim to the shore on the other side of the lake, left of the sunken tower. You'll encounter some monsters, but with the hearts you could take those out. This way you'll end up back in the old camp.

Using these hearts, defeating the bloodhounds that guard the Orc hammer suddenly isn't that difficult anymore. Once you get the Orc hammer and your strength is over 25 you can take down the Stone Golem as well. With 40 strength it'll take 40 hits, with 50 strength it'll take 24 hits. The Stone Golem is quite slow to attack, so this isn't as difficult as it might seem. The Heart of a Stone Golem works as a Fist of Wind rune that doesn't require a magic circle.

The "Piece of an Ice Golem" (also found on the Ice Golem) is an Ice Bolt rune, but requires 500 mana to equip.. which isn't achievable without cheats, unfortunately.

Note that once Chapter 4 rolls around, you'll have to give up these hearts sadly. Fortunately, by this time you could be a magician and use the regular runes. The Ice Block rune (Circle 3) is probably the most useful in the game, it works on every enemy with only trolls and golems as exceptions, and it allows you to easily defeat extremely powerful foes. It is a must-have. Also, Ur-Shak has a stone golem in his basement in the citadel ruins, so at least the heart of a stone golem (Fist of Wind) can be re-aquired. With these hearts, at least Jackal popsicle can be done as well, but requires patience and correct positioning.

Various artifacts and spell scrolls[edit]

On the quest Orc Cemetery you'll find a bunch of mummies who together have the following:

This can be obtained early by using a Transform into Meatbug spell scroll. Go to the Orc Cemetery. There won't be any Orcs outside if you go here before doing the associated quest. Don't bother even trying the winch, it's jammed and Gothic is known to break sometimes if you try to use jammed winches. Simply go to the gate and transform into a meatbug. Just wiggle about until you pass through the planks that barricade the cemetery. Once you are on the other side, press Enter to transform back and walk into the cemetery. Inside you'll have to defeat at least 2 Orcs (the Golem hearts may help) and you can loot the mummies. There's no point in going in any further into the cemetery until you get the associated quest. When you leave the cemetery, you'll spawn outside so you won't have to meatbug through the barricade again.

Transform into Meatbug[edit]

You are expected to obtain the Transform into Meatbug scroll for Focus in the Monastery Ruins, but it's already there when you start a new game. Provided you can get past the monsters (the Golem hearts may help), you can pick them up right away. The quest they were for can be completed without the scroll, besides, the scroll can be bought from merchants at that point.


Lee's/Torlof's/Orik's axe[edit]

Nutshell icon.png This idea, in a nutshell:

Get Pyrokinesis scroll. Kill Torlof.

Two-handed weapons: Lee's Axe (105/95), Torlof's Axe (99/85) and Orik's Axe (95/90). If you plan on joining the new camp, you should perhaps not get this one. If you join the new camp and kill Lee, you won't be able to become a mercenary and won't be able to get training with two-handed weapons. Also, these weapons require a lot of strength. Sure you can obtain any of them easily shortly after arrival in the new camp, but what would you do with it?

After doing Canvassing of Customers, get the Pyrokinesis scroll and use it on Lee, Torlof or Orik. Orik's axe is clearly inferior, so go with Lee or Torlof. If you joined the new camp, not Lee. Also, killing Lee will deprive you of experience later on after clearing the free mine. You'll need about 25-30 mana to pull this off. The ice block+ice bolt method that is described below actually doesn't work so well here as the mercenaries will start testing the arrow protection of your armor rather quickly. This doesn't happen with pyrokinesis, only Gorn will come after you. But Gorn is quite far away, by the time he reaches the crime scene you'll be long gone with your axe. Strangely, killing Lee, the leader of the New Camp, does not put you on the naughty list. Coming back later, nobody will care that Lee is dead or "missing".

Scar on ice[edit]

Nutshell icon.png This idea, in a nutshell:

Buy Ice Block scroll and Ice Bolt scroll from Cronos. Encase Scar in an Ice Block and quickly follow up with Ice Bolts.

Scar has a Crossbow of War (100/55) and Scar's Sword (85/70), the best one-handed weapon in the entire game.

The method that was made for Jackal (Jackal popsicle) also works for Scar. But you already need to have access to the castle, and preferably be able to walk around the ore baron's house undisturbed. Scar will require 10 mana (but possibly more as misfires happen) and 7 ice bolts instead of 5.

There is an alternative method for beating Scar: beat him up and let him beat you up. He'll never kill you, just knock you down to 1 health point. Wait until you get back up and hit him again. He'll heal, but not too quickly. Still, you'll have to do quite some damage. If you have merely 36 strength, no training and the old battle axe, this will take far too long.

Jackal popsicle[edit]

Nutshell icon.png This idea, in a nutshell:

Buy Ice Block scroll and Ice Bolt scroll from Cronos. Pay protection money in the old camp. Encase Jackal in an Ice Block and quickly follow up with Ice Bolts.

How would you like to hack away with the Bonebreaker (54/25) at level one? And how would you like to operate the Heavy Crossbow (90/45) at level three? Time for a Jackal popsicle! No fighting experience required! No armor needed, either.

Pick up the Rider's bow when you arrive in the new camp, you're here anyway and you may not be able to equip the heavy crossbow right away. Also, it's free. To be able to use the weapons early: do the Horatio the Peasant quest and/or Ulbert's Storeshed and pay Aleph 50 ore.
  • Go to the new camp. If you just started a new game, use a get-rich-quick scheme, you'll need something to barter with. The crude swords you can make in the old camp are sufficient. Then do Thorus' Quest to get to the new camp.
  • Go to Cronos. Buy the following: at least 5 Ice Bolt scroll and both Ice Block scrolls. Also get his Ring of Magic (+10 mana), Ring of Lesser Dexterity (+5 DEX) and Ring of Power (+5 STR). Also make sure you have some Ore nuggets, 20 should be enough.
  • Now for the meat of the strategy.. the frozen meat. Go back to the old camp. Find Bloodwyn and pay protection money. He'll be patrolling usually somewhere near the main entrance. (this is probably not strictly needed, but better safe than sorry) Now find Jackal. He'll be patrolling somewhere around the marketplace. (the place where Fisk and Dexter are)
  • Equip your ring of magic, ice block spell scroll and ice bolt spell scroll. Talk to Jackal if he doesn't talk to you. PAY THE PROTECTION MONEY! This is very important. By the rules of the game, when there is a fight in which both parties pay protection money, the guards will just watch the show. Guess what we're gonna do..
  • Save your game. Just in case you screw up or an NPC walks into your line of fire ice, or sometimes, depending on how close you are to the outer wall, guards will fire bolts at you. Cast the ice block spell on Jackal. Quickly switch to the ice bolt spell and throw 5 ice bolts at frozen Jackal in quick succession. He'll die, you get +500 XP for killing him and you can loot his body and take the heavy crossbow, bolts for the crossbow and the Bonebreaker.

Some notes:

  • When you level up (you probably will while Mordrag brings you to the new camp), see Lares or Diego and invest 5 skill points in strength. Put on the ring of Power and ring of Lesser Dexterity. (or both rings of Power if you did Ulbert's Storeshed) When you get to level 3, invest 25 skill points in dexterity and wear both Mordrag's ring and the ring of Lesser Dexterity to reach 45 dexterity and use the heavy crossbow. When you get to level 4, invest another 5 points in strength and keep wearing the dexterity rings. Now you can equip the Bonebreaker and heavy crossbow without switching rings.
  • In theory, you could equip both weapons at the same time with level 3, but you'd need access to the castle to obtain the essence of strength potion (strength +3) and also get the essence of dexterity potion from Fisk's hut.
  • You're only using one ice block spell, but for some reason you can't cast ice block properly when you only have one spell scroll.
  • Jackal has 300 life. He has 70 weapon protection, 10 arrow protection, 35 fire protection and no magic protection. The ice block spell takes him down to 250. The first ice bolt to 180, the second to 110, the third to 40, the fourth to 20 and the fifth ice bolt takes him to exactly zero. It appears that for the first three ice bolts, the ice block spell damage counts again.
  • You can also kill Jackal with the Ice Golem heart and Fire Golem heart if you have them. Just ice block him and fireball him to death. However, it is slower and it takes many tries to get it right.

Old battle axe[edit]

To get the Old Battle Axe (67/36), follow the instructions for the Golem hearts, but you can skip your visit to Cronos if you don't want the hearts for some reason. This axe, despite it's name and appearance, is actually an excellent two-handed starting weapon once you have the strength to wield it.

Rusty two-hander[edit]

Go to the blacksmith in the castle in the old camp. Open the chest on the right (L R L L L R) to find 3× Rusty Two-hander (61/30). You can use it, shame you won't be able to get training with it until you're a guard, mercenary or templar though..

Orc hammer[edit]

Particularly useful against Skeletons, Skeleton Mages and Stone Golems who are all more vulnerable to hammers. You need either a sprint potion (try Robbing Gomez) or defeat 4 Bloodhounds, your choice. Even with the potion it's not easy. Follow the instructions for free magic but cross the bridge. Take the sprint potion. (or defeat the bloodhounds) There will be a cave with a door on your right. The bloodhounds can't get in there. Loot the place and if you already have a teleport rune, just teleport out of there. Otherwise, go back the way you came, maybe jump off of the bridge so you don't have to run around the orcs again.

Light crossbow[edit]

This one can be tricky to pull off. Getting the heavy crossbow is actually easier.

Go to the western entrance to the orc land. There are 2 guards, one of them will say you might as well give all your ore if you enter the orc land as you will be ripped to shreds. Enter the orc land and follow the path to the left. Here you will see a pack of Orcdogs. Attract the attention of most of them before running/bunnyhopping back to the guards. The guards will attack the orc dogs on sight. Circle around after you passed the guards and pass them again to make sure all the orc dogs will now focus their attention on the guards. If you're lucky, the orc dogs will kill one of the guards while the other finishes them off. You can now pick up the weapon they were holding and loot the body. If the orc dogs fail to kill either guard, try again. If they kill both, you face a dilemma. If you get too far away, the bodies will disappear though any dropped weapons remain. If you try to loot the bodies, the orc dogs may kill you.

Both guards have a Light Crossbow (50/25), one has a Judgment Sword (30/12) and the other a Guard's Sword (32/12).

Battle sword[edit]

Get into the castle. No matter which (if any) camp you joined. Talk to skip, say THORUS sent you, then say you need to do a thing for Thorus, then say the kick butt thing to trade. Any other option and you won't get a second chance. He has a Battle Sword (33/13) on offer.

Battle sword 2[edit]

If you have access to the ore baron's house, you may have noticed all the swords on the wall. Many swords. So why not just take some? The best one out of them is the battle sword. Sure, the guard will attack you for stealing swords from Gomez, but he won't kill you. Take some swords, get pummeled, wash, rinse, repeat. Don't forget to drop/stash away any ore you're holding beforehand or the guard will steal it. When you're done, find a bed and sleep to fully restore your health.


Go to the swamp camp. (Baal Parvez in the old camp can take you) Ask Lester (near the entrance) the way to the smithy. Pick the lock on the chest (LRRLLL) and you will find an Axe (29/12). Here you can also get rich quick.

Rider's bow[edit]

After you've met Jarvis at the entrance for the new camp, continue and on your right you will find a ladder to climb a guard tower. In the tower are two chests. The left chest (LRRLR) has a Rider's Bow (24/12).


This isn't the best melee weapon you can get, or even the easiest to obtain. But if you're still in chapter 1 and you headed off to the new camp, you may not have much choice. Homer is standing on the dam. He's pretty much alone, no mercenaries or anything to protect him. He's got no armor whatsoever and 112 life. He's not that hard to beat and will drop a Mace (23/10), but don't kill him or you won't be able to do Lurker at the Dam. Knocking him unconscious with a melee weapon won't stop you from embarking on that quest though.

Short bow[edit]

In Cavalorns chest you'll find a key for the door in the cave behind his hut. At night Cavalorn is outside, though he doesn't seem to mind you stealing his key while he's standing next to you. Behind the door you'll find a Short Bow (20/10) and a chest with 62 Ore nuggets, a Fire Bolt scroll and other stuff.


Essence of strength[edit]

Strength +3.

  1. Get into the castle. Go to the blacksmith. Open the left chest. (L R L R R L)
  2. Get into the castle. Enter the building with the beds for the guards opposite the house of the ore barons. Go through the first door on your left. Open the chest on your left. (L R L L R R)

Essence of dexterity[edit]

Dexterity +3. Go into Fisk's hut during daytime. Second chest from the right. (LLLLRR)

Essence of life[edit]

On one of Lares' shelves, the red one. Take it and run.. Don't look back. Preferably take it before leaving to head to another location. When you come back, Lares will be mad but won't attack you anymore.