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Infinite Food[edit]

It might not sound like much, but in Gothic food both restores Life and is also used as a currency of sorts in the bartering system. In other words, with unlimited food you're financially set for life, and you need never fear suffering from wounds again! So what's the secret?

  1. Kill a Scavenger or Molerat, very easy prey.
  2. Get the Raw Meat.
  3. Go to any of the camps and look for a cooking Pan. It's those grey little things stewing over a fire. Now stand in front of it, and it should say "Pan".
  4. Open your inventory and select "Raw Meat". Hold the Use button down, and you should crouch before the pan, as if you were going to cook the Raw Meat with it.
  5. Do NOT press  ↑  or initiate any action, just let go of the Use button. Now look at your inventory again and look at your Raw Meat. It's now double the quantity!
  6. Repeat. So if at first you have 1 Raw Meat, after this you will have 2 Raw Meat! Nice. After a while you'll have hundreds then thousands, that should be more than enough to keep you financially and healthily fit for the rest of the game. And if not, just find another frying pan.

It's unclear whether you can exceed 65,000 pieces, since games usually use a Short for these quantities, which lets values go up to some 65,000+. Unlike some games the value will never become negative or roll over to zero. 65,000 should be more than enough, anyway.

Infinite Sword Trick[edit]

Another way to get infinite ore (it does require a small amount of ore to set up though).

  1. In the old camp go to the blacksmith.
  2. Buy some raw steel (40 ore)
  3. Smelt it in the fire
  4. Hammer it on the anvil
  5. Cool it in the water bucket
  6. Sharpen it on the grindstone

You should now have a sword, which sells for 50 ore, which is a 10 ore gain.

While holding Ctrl, if you press  ↑  repeatedly when doing any of the steps needed to make the sword you may be able to make it to the next step without wasting the previous material. For example, when smelting the steel in the fire, you could have the hot steel and still have the raw steel.

Another way of doing that is to select the item (raw steel, glowing steel or blade) to its corresponding tool (furnace, anvil or grindstone) and just hold Ctrl for a while, then release it, just like the trick with the raw meat.

Fall without taking damage[edit]

It is possible to fall from any height without taking any damage. Simply hold or strafe and you should land without taking any damage.

Infinite Experience[edit]

In the Sleeper's Temple in chapter 5 there is a big room with 3 gates and an area full of holes, you will know that you found the room when you will encounter "Gor Boba" guarding the way at the end of one of the closed gate. After you have managed to shot the targets in the spiky room and opened the second gate in the room you will encounter after passing the gate 3 swiches. In order to proced to the next room you will need to turn the swiches in the right order(The farest one to the door, The closest one to the door, and the one in the middle). However if you turn the swiches in the wrong order a Lasser Demon will apear, in order to make infinte exp turn the swiches in the wrong order as many times as you wish(for example turn the first swich every time) and Lasser Demons will continously be spawned providing you 600 exp infinte times( Be aware to turn again the wrong swich after you have killed the Lasser Demon otherwise more demons will be spawned)

Go to areas that weren't supposed to be reachable[edit]

Use the "transform into bloodfly" spell scroll. Bloodflies and their flying mechanics are rather glitchy. For example, in Orc Town, fly over the gate to reach the orc priests. Also, no fall damage.