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Ask Gorn if there is a house you can live in. He'll tell you that a Rogue named Shrike has moved into a hut in the cave area, which isn't technically allowed (Rogues are supposed to live in the other area of town). Facing in from the cave mouth, the hut is in front of the ore mound. If you beat Shrike up and then tell him to beat it the hut is yours for the taking. You can store things in the chest if you want to. Return to Gorn for some EXP.

Early in the game, start of the first chapter, Shrike may be difficult to fight directly, but it is still possible to do with an unleveled, weak character. The best sword you can buy this early in the game is the Digger's Discipline (Fisk) so I recommend using it. Moreover, use Mordrag's Ring (+5 Dexterity) and the Rider's Bow and arrows locked in a chest above the New Camp entrance lookout structure. At night, when Shrike is in his hut, watch through the door from an angle and wait until Shrike is sitting in his chair. Target him through the open door, from a sufficient distance, and hit him once with an arrow. As soon as you hit him, start run-jumping towards the farther-end of the rock in front of bar; Shrike won't have time to chase you or counterattack - you will have left him behind. Now, walk back and find Shrike still in his hut, not hating you, but still with that much less health. Repeat this process until Shrike only needs one more arrow to kill him. DO NOT KILL HIM. Now, during the day, talk to Gorn and go through this quest as normal. Even with only 10 strength, you won't have to hit Shrike more than twice with the Digger's Discipline before he falls.