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After you're done talking to Xardas, he sends you to go find the Orc Shaman, Ur-Shak. To do this, first leave Xardas's Tower, then head back towards the way you came from, until you come to a mountain with a sloping path leading up.

The citadel ruins

Follow this path up the mountain until you come to a fortress, the citadel ruins. Kill the Orc Hunters who come at you, then keep hugging the wall until you come to the courtyard of the ruined citadel. Here you will see Orc Temple Warriors (these guys are tough) attacking another orc, Ur-Shak, the guy you were supposed to find.

Help Ur-Shak take out these Orcs. No hurry, Ur-Shak is immortal. Then talk to him. He will explain the Sleeper (whom he calls "KRUSHAK") to you, and will tell you how to find him, a temple in the Orc City. There are dozens of orcs here, meaning certain death should you try to approach it without a plan, and since Ur-Shak is banished, he can't help you out.

He will explain to you, however, that there is a way. You should seek out his friend Tarrok who is imprisoned in the mine "Under the village in Hollow". This guy will make you an ULU-MULU, a sign of respect among Orcs. In case you can't figure it out, the "village in Hollow" is the New Camp. Hollow is probably Orc for "cave", and the New Camp is located in a cave. So head over to the Free Mine where Gorn will be waiting for you, and begin your next quest.