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The home of the Rogues, Mercenaries, and the Magicians of Water, the New Camp is very different from all of the others. For one thing, no guards are there to break up fights or uphold the law, so feel free to do what you want, but if you really get in trouble, nobody will be there to help you out either.

Important people[edit]

Here's a run-down of people in the camp who matter:

The Rogues[edit]

  • Lares: Head of the Rogues, will train your strength and dexterity.
  • Mordrag: Takes you to the New Camp (if you didn't kill him in the Old Camp), report to him.
  • Wolf: Another Rogue, makes armor, teaches you how to use a bow, a merchant. Sell him your furs and skins.
  • Sharky: Another Merchant, pawn your unwanted junk here.
  • Buster: A friendly Rogue, teaches you the art of Acrobatics (a rather useful skill).
  • Wedge: Teaches you the arts of Thievery (Sneaking, Opening Locks, and Pickpocketing).
  • Shrike: An annoying guy. Beat him up and take his hut, so you have somewhere to rest, and store important items if you want.

The Mercenaries[edit]

  • Lee: Head of the Mercenaries, Trains your stats, can teach you to use two-handed weapons.
  • Gorn: A mercenary, becomes a major player later in the game, and definitely someone you don't want to mess with.
  • Cord: Teaches you how to use one handed weapons. (Advice: Definitely learn 1-h weapon skills from Cord instead of Scatty, as he is much cheaper.)

The Magicians of Water[edit]

  • Saturas: Head of the Water Mages, teaches you magic (Circles 1-5).
  • Cronos: Keeper of the Ore, and second in command of Saturas. Can teach you to increase your mana, and will sell you runes and spell scrolls.
  • Riordian: The Potion Maker. You can buy several nice potions off of him, including ones which permanently boost your stats.