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The Sect Camp is home to the Brotherhood of the Sleeper. They are a mysterious group founded by a man named Y'Berion a few years before the events of Gothic. The camp is a cult worshipping a mysterious new god whom they call the Sleeper, whom they achieve contact with through swampweed, an herb which when prepared and smoked enables some to hear the voice of the Sleeper. They also trade this swampweed for ore with the other camps, as they are the only camp that does not mine ore or have their own mine to control.

The camp is divided into three groups, the Novices, who serve the Baals & the community of the Brotherhood by doing chores and listening to the teachings, the Templars, holy warriors who serve the Baals in battle and fight for the Sleeper, and the Gurus, the leaders and figureheads of the camp who give spiritual guidance to the Novices and Templars, and tell them the will of the Sleeper. The Gurus and the best of the Templars receive the gift of Magic, the magic of the Sleeper, which is different than the magic practiced by magicians of the realm of Myrtana. The Sleeper's magic focuses on control of people and objects with their mind, and despite it's cryptic origin, it is clear that the Gurus are not to be trifled with, as they could render someone unconscious or even make them burst into flames with their mind alone.

The inhabitants of the other two camps view them as strange and mysterious at best. They are often referred to as "sect loonies", due to their strange behavior and lifestyle, as well as their mysterious new god.