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There are two Baals in the New Camp, much like there are two Baals in the Old Camp, except that these two don't seem to work together as well as the other group, and they're reduced to nothing more than swampweed merchants.

First, talk to Baal Kagan, who is next to the pot on the left side of the New Camp. Talk to him about there being two weed merchants in the New Camp and he'll comment on how Baal Ishidro, his other, is very uncooperative and may be reported to Cor Kalom.

Approach Silas' Bar and the Bouncers should try to get rid of you. You can bribe them for top gold and they'll let you in, for now, and you may even be able to sneak talk to the person sitting on the left side of the entrance if you can get close enough, but this quest has a better solution. Only Scrapers and Rogues can enter the bar. Walk the path around the New Camp, through the mountains, to the Free Mine. On the middle level, opposite side of the entrance, talk to the Scraper named Swiney: tell him you want to become a Scraper and that you have experience. He'll give you a low-level armor called Digger's Dress, which makes you a Scraper. Returning to the bar, the Bouncers will stop you again, but now you can tell them that you're a scraper and can get it. This is the first of many pieces of "free armor" you'll be getting.

Anyway, to the immediate left of the entrance is Baal Ishidro, sitting facing the corner. He's supposed to be selling weed like his friend Baal Kagan but he spends his days and nights in the bar drinking Rice Schnapps, and sounds very bored when you ask him to show his goods. Talk to him about letting you sell his weed, buy him a beer after he refuses, then restate your proposition and tell him that Baal Kagan may be reporting him for being lazy. He'll more than happily give you the weed then, and tell you that you two will split the profit. The combined sum of swampweed Ishidro gives you should be worth 400 ore, and can be sold off anywhere for that price. Once you've sold all the swampweed off, return to Baal Ishidro and he'll take his cut.

Until you talk to Baal Kagan about him, Ishidro will not give you his weed and you will wait at the turn after buying him a beer until you do. You don't get experience for completing this quest until you've sold off his weed and given him his 200 ore.