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1. Destroy Them All![edit]

Gotta Protectors map 1.png

Difficulty: ★

The first stage teaches the basics of the game. Defeat all enemies including the generators to clear the stage. The minotaurs are stronger than the goblins, but you can safely attack behind the barricades. There is a chest in the sand area.

2. Lola Can Heal You[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 2.png

Difficulty: ★

While standing near Lola, she will heal you. After clearing the goblins and minotaurs, one more minotaur will spawn near the north.

3. Fix the Barricades[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 3.png

Difficulty: ★

The left and right side of the castle has two sets of barricades. Alternate attacking both sides to repair them. The right room has several jars and chests.

4. LV Up @ the Castle[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 4.png

Difficulty: ★

When near the castle, press L button or R button to open a window and then hold B button to level up. Goblins and minotaurs will attack from the left side and then the right. There are several chests in the surrounding areas.

5. Destroy Generators[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 5.png

Difficulty: ★

You will need to quickly push and destroy the generators. The barricades will buy some time, before go through the other path.

6. Build Barricades[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 6.png

Difficulty: ★

Build a barricade in both green paths. This will hold the goblins back while you tackle one path at a time. A single minotaur will spawn in each path.

7. Keep Lola Close[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 7.png

Difficulty: ★

Goblins and minotaurs will attack from four directions. You will need to keep checking each side and repair the barricades. Eventually, no more will spawn.

8. Keys Open Gates[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 8.png

Difficulty: ★★

Gates require the same color key in order to open them. Enemies can't pass through them. Defeat the goblins south first and collect the green and blue key from the chests. Focus on one side before taking on the other. Be careful of minotaurs attacks that can knock you into the other gate, accidentally unlocking it. Get the red key and take on the north area.

9. Village Protection[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 9.png

Difficulty: ★★

Protect the villages from zombies first. They passively give out gold.

10. Fortress of 10[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 10.png

Difficulty: ★★

The "0" forces you through narrow paths, but the enemies are also bottle-necked. Fight your way through and unlock the gates. Before unlocking the blue gate, go around the "1" to the four chests. Once unlocked a goblin boss will spawn. The barricades will keep it back.

11. Lost Graveyard[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 11.png

Difficulty: ★★

Ghosts can teleport anywhere and shoot a fireball. Their generators are behind gates. You will need fight to through many zombies to find the chests that contain keys. After some time has passed, a second set of zombies will spawn.

12. Night Visitors[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 12.png

Difficulty: ★★

Three sides of the castle will needed to be defended. Eventually, enemies will stop spawning. There are three chests in top right corner of the map.

13. Yay for Turrets![edit]

Gotta Protectors map 13.png

Difficulty: ★★

The turrets will defend both paths. Focus on one path and circle around to the other side. Retreat when you need to heal or repair.

14. Battle Bridge 1[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 14.png

Difficulty: ★★

Go south to the chests and pick up the red key. Fight through the enemies behind the red gate. Midway on the bridge is another set of chests with the green key. You may want to push Lola across the bridge to keep your level up and to heal quicker.

15. Village Defenders[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 15.png

Difficulty: ★★

The villages will be protected by helpers. You can hire them with gold by holding B button and they will follow you. Unlocking the blue gate will spawn a goblin boss. You will need to quickly clear the enemies in order to keep the villages safe.

16. Warp 2 Victory[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 16.png

Difficulty: ★★

You will primary move through the map using the warp doors. The keys for the gates and dropped by the goblin generators. The green door will randomly warp you to another green door. Before opening the red gate, build a barricades in the south path to the castle to protect it. After opening the red gate, a large number of enemies will attack from the north and zombies from the south.

17. Beware of Skellies[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 17.png

Difficulty: ★★

Lots of goblins and minotaurs will attack from both sides of the castle. Defeated ones will also spawn skeletons. You will need to get the keys from generators to open the gates that have the skeleton generators behind them.

18. Snailstorm[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 18.png

Difficulty: ★★

Circle around the spiral shell and beware of the yellow minotaur. It is stronger and moves faster. You can use the gates as shortcut backup to the castle. When you get near the head of the snail, a goblin boss will spawn. It can knock back barricades.

19. Hold Your Ground![edit]

Gotta Protectors map 19.png

Difficulty: ★★★★★★

The surrounding water will move enemies quickly to the castle. Stay near the castle and defend the three sides. If there is an opening, try to take out nearby generators. If you open any warp doors, you can use them to quickly get back to the castle.

20. Flamelord Gandino[edit]

Gotta Protectors map 20.png

Difficulty: ★★★★

This stage has the first major boss. He will attack by sending both claws out and shoot fireballs. You will need to focus on him while also defending the barricades. Use your mega-strike when there is any opening between claw attacks. There is a side path using the red key where you can get behind the battlefield and take out generators. Once the boss is defeated, you can focus on the remaining enemies and generators.