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Gradius Stage12.gif
    • The space pre-stage portion of this stage is probably the most important pre-stage in the whole game, as it is your first opportunity to power up the Vic Viper before the stage really begins. Having at least one option and missiles will help you substantially when it comes to the terrain based enemies on the lower portion of the stage. Taking one Speed Up early on will help you reach the enemies and the power-up capsules before they scroll off of the screen.
    • You will reach the beginning of the stage when the land comes into view. Pay attention to enemies that appear on both the top and the bottom of the terrain. If you have missiles, stay near the center to the top of the screen, and let the missiles destroy the targets on the bottom. While double-shot can help you take out the enemies on the top portion of the terrain, it isn't nearly as useful here as lasers are. More threats appear on the bottom then on the top.
Gradius Stage11.gif
  • Be aware of the positions of mountains. Even though they seem easy to avoid, you can accidentally fly into one if you're too determined to destroy every enemy that you see. Don't try to squeeze yourself in between the backside of a mountain and the enemy unless you're moving particularly fast and have lasers that you can count on to hit the enemy. One of the mountains has a gap that you can fly safely through, and attack enemies on the other side of. Use it to your advantage.
  • Hatches will begin to appear at the top and bottom of the stage. They will open up once they are fully in view, and spawn several enemies to attack you. The bottom hatches are more heavily defended, primarily to stall your missile attacks from destroying them quickly. If it's safe, dive down and shoot at them to eliminate them faster. Remember that they turn colors when they are close to being destroyed.
Gradius Stage13.png
    • Watch out for the quick moving Jumpers. Whenever possibly, yhey like to use the mountain to get behind you, jump up, and fire off several bullets. Once they get behind you, they can be difficult to destroy. Instead, avoid their fire and and wait for them to proceed back to the right where they will be in front of you, and easier to hit.
    • Another enemy to be mindful of are the Duckers. The Duckers are the turrets mounted on two legs. They appear from the left side of the screen, making it extremely dangerous to hang on in either the bottom left or upper left corners, since they can appear without warning. They don't fire that many bullets at you, but their movement along the terrain can be erratic. Don't take them on directly unless there's a good deal of space between you and them.
Gradius Stage14.gif
  • Towards the end of the stage, you will encounter a large floating rock. Mounted on the rock will be five laser cannons that fire at intermittent rates. You have a few moments to fire at them before they launch their attack. Decide whether you will occupy the upper or lower portion of the screen (the lower portion yields more power-up casules) and take out the two or three closest to that side, and forget about the rest. Options with lasers work particularly well against the cannons.
  • The sub boss to this stage is actually two active volcanoes which spew rocks into the air simultaneous. Your chances of surviving the explosion are greatly increased when you have many Options activated. There are two particularly safe locations; one is in the upper left corner of the screen, and the other is on the left edge of the screen, nose level with the volcano tops. If you occupy the top, leave several of the options beneath you. If you occupy the level even with the volcano tops, arrange the options above you. Learn how to situate the options so that their fire serves as a shield.
  • With many Options and lasers, you can properly situate the Vic Viper in a stationary position by the left volcano and earn a tremendous number of points by destroying nearly every rock that flies out. After the volcanoes errupt for a short while, they will stop, and the fight with the Big Core will commence. During the fight the the Big Core, even though the volanoes are dormant, you must still avoid colliding with them.