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  • SNES stage: 4.

Easter Stone (Moai Field)[edit]

  • This stage takes place in a Moai field, and starts off with large, rotating Moai that are indestructible and must be dodged. They spit out Moai heads that will then proceed to fire rings at you.
  • It is interesting to note that before this stage, you will see something behind you. It is called the Option Hunter. After a few seconds, it flies forward and tries to take your Options away. You will see it later in the game, and avoid it if you see it. The Option Hunter is indestructible, so be aware. There are three types: Normal, Destuctable, and Bouncing. If either one grabs your Options and you can't destroy it, use a Mega Crush and get your Options back.
  • Back to the level. Now, you proceed to fight nothing but cannons and regular Moais. Try using the same strategy with the Moais as you did in Gradius. The Moais do fire a lot of rings, and if your shield is gone, they fire less, so lose the shield, please, if you want to survive. If you think you're okay, I think you might be fine.
  • Near the end of the level, you will start encountering four Moai heads on a rotating monaliath. There are a lot of these, and when all four Moai heads on a monaliath are destroyed, the monaliath disappears.

Sub-Boss: Dogas[edit]

Dogas is a floating Moai head that can create a barrier of smaller Moai. The small Moai can't take much damage back, but Dogas uses a lot of Moai. Just like regular Moai, the weak spot is the mouth. Sometimes it faces backwards, which requires a Tail Gun. You may have to go around Dogas.

Boss: Vaif[edit]

Vaif is a group of SIX big Moai heads. The Moai heads spit out small Moai that inflate when shot at, making it hard to focus on the big Moais. Guess where the weak point is.(Hint:Destroy the mouth!) Double types(maybe not Free Way or Spread Gun) are needed to destroy all six of them.

SNES Differences[edit]

  • There are no big rotating Moai; they are replaced by red Moai, which can stand up and turn around.
  • The bosses(Dogas and Vaif) have been replaced by Twin Vaif, two big Moai heads that shoot small Moai and can cause earthquakes.
  • A bonus stage can be accessed by looking for a red Moai head lying on the ground between two Moai heads. After a few seconds, it will stand up and face right. If nothing on the power meter is highlighted, fly in behind it.