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  • SNES stage: 5.

Fire Scramble (Fire Stage)[edit]

  • Alright, there's NO mercy here, mostly because of the fireballs. The fireballs break into three parts, which split into three SMALLER indestructable parts. It wouldn't be bad if one appeared at a time, but that isn't the case, so you have to dodge a lot. Keep that Force Field up.
  • The screen will be filled with small fireballs, and at times, dodging them all is impossible, making this the hardest stage in the game. If that wasn't enough, bullet-firing enemies appear, making it even harder.
  • But despite all that, the stage is pretty short. The only real problem with layout is this: Near the end of the level, the pathway narrows, but fireballs keep coming, making them harder, but easier at the same time, to dodge, and you may have to sacrifice your shield to go through small parts.

Boss A: Wyvern[edit]

Wyvern is a easy boss. All Wyvern does is fly around, or release slow fireballs. The weak point is a blue core on the chest, which is shown most of the time.

Boss B: Vulture Dragon[edit]

Vulture Dragon appears after defeating Wyvern. He act a lot like Intruder from Salamander, except with two heads. When one head is destroyed, the other head does the work. When both heads are destroyed, you will move on.

SNES Differences[edit]

The fireballs don't fill the screen and the small pieces can be destroyed. Wyvern has been removed. A bonus stage can be accessed by flying behind the top mountain if the hundreds didgit of your score is 3, 5, or 7.