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  • SNES stage: does not appear in the SNES version.

Crystal Labyrinth (Crystal Maze)[edit]

  • This level involves small glass cubes that block off areas like a maze. Occasionally, they block you off, trapping you and killing you, so watch out, and create a plan.
  • There's not much about this stage other than the fact that Dee-01s and hatches are found here. Dee-01s will sometimes come inside cubes, which you can destroy.
  • At the end of the level, a bunch of cubes will come from the right and attach themselves to the screen or the cubes on the left side of the screen. Some cubes will aim for your direction, so watch carefully. Cube #12 always aims for you from behind, and that kills most players.
  • If you die at any part of the stage, you get sent to the pre-stage, because the stage is one checkpoint long! Isn't that fun!

Boss: Lizard Core[edit]

Lizard Core is a large ship with two indestructible arms. The arms will slightly move when shot at. Lizard Core itself can fire six lasers while the arms are out. It has five barriers and one core. After a while, the arms close up and fire four lasers. After that, Lizard Core should be dead.