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Arcade mode is the Quick Race or Play Now equivalent of this game. Here you jump right into action. At the main menu, you see several options. Quick Race, One Make Race, Time Trial, and 2P Battle. When racing against AI, there are three difficulty settings; Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.


Quick Race[edit]

This mode pits you against several AI in a flat-out race. No tricks here. The person who leads after the picked number of laps wins.

One Make Race[edit]

Similar to Quick Race, except that the AI uses the same car you use, for more even competion. They might not have the same color as you, but does that matter?

Drift Trial[edit]

Here you drift for points. Each drift you make will be giving points based on speed, and angle. There are two modes, Sector, and Whole Track.


In Sector, you Drift on specific spots on the track. They will be placed farther along the track each time. When each sector is complete, a score will be tallied. At the end, each sector score will be combined into a track score. The person with the biggest track score wins.

Note: This mode cannot be used with tracks from Track Editor.

Whole Track[edit]

In this one, you use the whole track with one go. After one lap, the person with the higher score wins.

Time Trial[edit]

In this mode, you race against the clock. There is no set time to beat, only your own. This mode is great for familiarizing with the track.

2P Battle[edit]

Race against a friend in a old-sckool split-screen battle! Racing is the same as single player.

Note: You will need two controllers and/or wheels.

Cars and Tracks[edit]

Car Select[edit]

Now you must select a car. The car select screen has a scrolling bar full of cars. There are three options there. You can select from the arcade defaults, pick a favorite from Simulation, or find a car exported from the PSP version. In the upper right, you see the country, and type(regular or premium). In the right you see the cars stats.

Track Select[edit]

Now you can pick a track. The layout is carried over from the car select screen. You can select from Original(Polyphony made), World, City, Dirt and Snow, and Course Maker. The stats are in the right, too.