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You must reach Level 5 in order to enter the races in the Clubman Cup event. For B-spec, the following restrictions apply to your choice of car:

Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Sports:Medium (GT5bspecicon.png)

Recommended Car[edit]

Like the Sunday Cup, the Clubman Cup is free of entry restrictions, so run the fastest thing you have in your garage. As a guide, your top opponents are around 250BHP so if nothing in your garage is anywhere near this, take a look around the dealers and see what you can pick up. If you want to avoid spending credits unnecessarily, take a look at future events in the Amateur Series and the cars required for them.

If you won the FR Challenge A-spec in the Beginner Series, then the Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept '10, awarded as the prize car, will provide a comfortable win in this event.


The event is a championship of three races:

Track Tsukuba Circuit Tokyo R246 Cape Ring Periphary
A-Spec laps 5 3 3
B-Spec laps 10 6 6

Prize money[edit]

In this event, prize money is awarded for placing in the following positions in a race:

1st 6,670cr 2nd 4,810cr 3rd 4,260cr
4th 4,000cr 5th 3,890cr 6th 3,810cr

(December 2010/January 2011 increased rates)

Prize Cars[edit]

Cars obtained for getting Gold Trophies (i.e. finishing first) in all the races and the championship are as follows. Note that each car will only be awarded once, so be mindful of this if you choose to sell.

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si Race ‘87 TRD Celica TRD Sports M (ZZT231) ‘00