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You must reach Level 5 in order to enter the 'European Hot Hatch Championship' event.

Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Sports:Hard(GT5bspecicon.png)
Country United Kingdom / France / Germany / Italy / Spain / Belgium / Sweden / Netherlands

Recommended Car[edit]

For B-spec races you can use either the Ferrari 512BB, Ferrari Enzo, Audi R8, Pagani Zonda and even a Bugatti Veyron.

Typical Opponent(s)[edit]

BHP range 202~220 BHP
Weight range 1180~1335kg


This event consists of two races:

Track Eiger Nordwand Short Track Rome Circuit
A-Spec laps 3 3
B-Spec laps 6 6

Prize money[edit]

Lupo Cup Car 00' is the prize on B-Spec Mode

1st 7,380cr 2nd 5,330cr 3rd 4,710cr
4th 4,430cr 5th 4,300cr 6th 4,220cr

Prize Cars[edit]

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) ’03 GT5 standard icon.png Lupo Cup Car 00 GT5 standard icon.png