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You must reach Level 4 in order to enter any of the races in the FR Challenge. In addition, the following restrictions apply to your choice of car:

Drivetrain FR only Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Sports:Medium (GT5bspecicon.png)

Recommended Car[edit]

This event is another where it is hard to choose a car for. The event is open when you reach level 4, yet to purchase the Nissan Fairlady Z34 '08 used by one of your main rivals requires you to have reached level 7. To enter the event at level 4 would require spending a lot of money on upgrading a car that meets the entry requirements.

If you're willing to wait until you reach level 6, one option is the Chevrolet Corvette Convertible '69 found in the New Car dealership. It needs some work doing to it, but will be eligible for the Classic Muscle Car Championship in the Amateur Series.

Players that have proceeded to obtain all the licences may find the Opera Performance S2000 '04, awarded for completing the Super Licence with bronze trophies or better will be suitable for this event, despite a slight performance deficit.

Another good method is to have some money and do a lot, and I mean a lot, of licence tests to bump up your level up to 9. If you have at least 35,000 credits, you can get the Chevrolet Camaro SS. It can win with tuning or not, and can get in the muscle car championship, plus can be used for some other races, too. With racing modifications, it may even come in handy for the all american race way later in the game.


The event consist of three individual races:

Track Grand Valley Speedway East
GT5 Circuit Grand Valley East Course.svg
Tsukuba Circuit
GT5 circuit Tsukuba.svg
Trial Mountain
GT5 circuit Trial Mountain.svg
A-Spec laps 3 3 3
B-Spec laps 6 6 6

Prize Money[edit]

1st 7,950cr 2nd 5,740cr 3rd 5,080cr
4th 4,770cr 5th 4,640cr 6th 4,550cr

(Original prize money rates)

Prize Cars[edit]

Cars obtained for getting Gold Trophies (i.e. finishing first) in all three races are as follows. Note that each car will only be awarded once, so be mindful of this if you choose to sell.

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Toyota FT-86 Concept ’09 Toyota FT-86 G SPORTS Concept '10