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Being in every single GT game(except 3), this track is almost a signature track for the game. It is a high speed track (duh), but note that the corners here are especially tricky, due to the increased speed.


Turn by Turn[edit]

  • Turn 1: You are gonna want to go high here.
  • Turn 2: A continuation of Turn 1, you will want to go deep. Then, when you see the end of the curve, let your car drift back up.
  • Turn 3: Make sure you brake hard here, and dive for that apex.
  • Turn 4: A S-Curve, you are gonna want to slow down here...
  • Turn 5: ...and set yourself up here. Make sure you drive through the middle of the S.
  • Turn 6: Just full throttle this one.
  • Turn 7: Similar to Turn 2. Make sure you set yourself up for the long straight.


  • Obviously, make sure you get the line, or else you will lose speed.
  • The course has changed remarkably little over the installments.
  • The course did get a new makeover in Gran Turismo 4. It changed from being a forest, to a new modern raceway feel.