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You must reach Level 12 in order to enter any of the races in the Japanese 80s Festival. In addition, the following restrictions apply to your choice of car:

Nationality Japanese Year 1980-1989 Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Comfort:Soft (GT5bspecicon.png)

Recommended Car[edit]

The Honda MUGEN MOTUL CIVIC Si Race Car '87, won for completing the Clubman Cup in A-Spec, is the car of choice for this event. In stock form, It's considerably better than the opposition. You actually cannot modify this car much more except for a Stage 3 engine tuning costing 30k for a gain of approxiately 65HP while a simple oil change can boost a quick 10HP.

For B-Spec, you'll need to purchase and downgrade the tyres to Comfort:Soft to meet the entry requirements, and buy some tuning parts to compensate for your drivers' ability.

Alternately for B-Spec, the Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car '89 that you win for Like the Wind in A-Spec laps competitors in both races without any coaching.


The event consist of two individual races:

Autumn Ring course length is 1.83 miles, longest straight is 0.26 miles and elevation gap is 98.4 feet, takes approximately 8 minutes to complete. Total distance is 9.17 miles.

Deep Forest Raceway Reverse course length is 2.24 miles, longest straight is 0.48 miles and elevation gap is 148.3 feet, takes approximately 8 minutes to complete. Total distance is 11.19 miles.

Track Autumn Ring

GT5 Circuit Autumn Ring.svg
Deep Forest Raceway
GT5 Circuit Deep Forest Rvs.svg
A-Spec laps 5 5
B-Spec laps 10 10

Prize Money[edit]

In this event, prize money is awarded for placing in the following positions in a race:

1st 20,400cr 2nd 14,700cr 3rd 13,000cr
4th 12,200cr 5th 11,900cr 6th 11,700cr

(February 2013 base rates)

Prize Cars[edit]

Cars obtained for getting Gold Trophies (i.e. finishing first) in all three races are as follows. Note that each car will only be awarded once, so be mindful of this if you choose to sell.

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Toyota CELICA XX 2800GT '81 Isuzu PIAZZA XE '81