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You must reach Level 12 in order to enter the race in the Lupo Cup Series. You are limited to using one of the following cars:

  • Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) '03
  • Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car '00
  • Volkswagen Lupo GTI '01
  • Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 '02

In B-spec, the following restrictions also apply to your choice of car:

Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Sports:Hard (GT5bspecicon.png)

Recommended Car[edit]

The Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) '03 which is won in the European Hot Hatch Championship event is the car of choice here. Even in stock form, the GTI Cup should allow an average driver to comfortably win the event.

For B-spec, as the opposition are slightly tuned you may need to tune the car to match and better them. You'll also have to invest in some Sports:Hard tyres, as the racing tyres that come with the GTI Cup are not permitted in the B-spec event.


The event consists of one individual race:

Takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Course length is 12.95 miles, longest straigh is 1.33 miles and elevation gap is 984.2 feet.

Track Nürburgring-Nordschleife
GT5 Circuit Nürburgring-Nordschleife.svg
A-Spec laps 1
B-Spec laps 2

Prize money[edit]

1st 25,100 2nd 18,100 3rd 16,000
4th 15,000 5th 14,600 6th 14,300

(December 2010/January 2011 increased rates)

1st 20,400 2nd 14,700 3rd 13,000
4th 12,200 5th 11,900 6th 11,700

(Original prize money rates)

Prize Cars[edit]

Cars obtained for getting Gold Trophies (i.e. finishing first) in both the races are as follows. Note that each car will only be awarded once, so be mindful of this if you choose to sell.

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 '02 Volkswagen Lupo GTI '01