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There are 6 separate series of the A-Spec game mode, all containing 9 events that require a certain A-Spec level. The series of A-Specs are as follows (in order of difficulty): Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Expert, Extreme and Endurance. At first only 5 of the 6 series are visible, and each one (except Beginner) requires a certain A-Spec experience level to participate in. The Endurance series of events is unlocked when reaching level 25 in A-Spec or B-Spec (it is not necessary to complete previous levels). The level that you unlock each series is as follows:

Series Name Unlock Level
Beginner Series N/A
Amateur Series Level 5
Professional Series Level 10
Expert Series Level 15
Extreme Series Level 20
Endurance Series Level 25

Beginner Series[edit]

The Beginner Series is the first series and is unlocked as soon as the player buys their first car. It contains 9 events that involve underpowered cars (less than 300BHP). The races are not too difficult to complete but the rewards are minimal. The events are as follows:

Event Name Unlock Level
Sunday Cup Level 0
FF Challenge Level 0