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You must reach Level 1 in order to enter the races in the World Compact Car Race event. For B-spec, the following restrictions apply to your choice of car:

Tyres Unrestricted (GT5aspecicon.png) / Sports:Hard (GT5bspecicon.png)

Recommended Car[edit]

Despite the name, you are unrestricted in what car you choose for this event. The opposition are still around the same standard as they were for the Sunday Cup and FF Challenge, so the car you used for those will usually do the job. If it's fallen off the pace a little, try a small amount of tuning to get it back to the front, although don't waste too much money as it's likely to be the last event you'll need the car for.

If your car just about got through the Sunday Cup fully tuned, or you don't want to spend any more money on it, the Nissan mm-R Cup Car '01 won by completing the A licence with bronze trophies is a solid choice for this event.


The event is a championship of three races:

Track London
GT5 circuit London.svg
Circuito de Madrid Mini
GT5 Circuit Madrid Mini.svg
Cape Ring Inside
GT5 circuit Cape Ring inside.svg
A-Spec laps 3 3 3
B-Spec laps 6 6 6

As this is the first championship event, it's worth stating how the championship system works. You can enter races individually, or as an entire championship where you go through all the races in turn, and points are awarded depending on your finishing position in each race - the person with the most points after all the races wins the championship.

To clear the event, you'll need to win each race and the overall championship. For example, you may enter the championship and win the first two races and finish second in the third. This would be enough to win the championship, but you'd still need to enter the final race again individually and win it to clear the event.

Points are scored in the championship as follows:

1st - 100 points 2nd - 75 points 3rd - 60 points 4th - 50 points
5th - 40 points 6th - 30 points 7th - 20 points 8th - 15 points

Prize money[edit]

In this event, prize money is awarded for placing in the following positions in a race:

1st 3670cr 2nd 2650cr 3rd 2340cr
4th 2200cr 5th 2140cr 6th 2100cr

In addition, winning the championship earns 11000 credits in prize money.

Prize Cars[edit]

Cars obtained for getting Gold Trophies (i.e. finishing first) in all the races and the championship are as follows. Note that each car will only be awarded once, so be mindful of this if you choose to sell.

GT5aspecicon.png GT5bspecicon.png
Hommell Berlinette R/S Coupe '99 Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79