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Box artwork for Grand Chase.
Box artwork for Grand Chase.
Grand Chase
Developer(s)KOG Studios
Publisher(s)Ntreev Soft, Gamania, Asiasoft
Year released2003
Genre(s)Action RPG
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Grand Chase (Korean: 그랜드체이스) is a free, 3D side-scrolling fighting-based MMOG developed by the Korean company KOG Studios. It's a client-based game, which means that the software must be download in order to play the game. Even though it's free and no money is required to play, there are cash items, bought through real money, that offers better equipments and easier characters and job quests, which are not available to purchase through GP, the in-game currency.

The story mainly centralizes on the Grand Chase team, an elite army created by the Queen of Serdin, in their attempt to stop Kaze'Aze, a dark queen who is planning on destroying and recreating the world. The player can begin with Elesis (the Swordsman), Lire (the Archer) and Arme (the Mage) to unveil dungeons or fight other players. By completing quests, Lass (the Thief), Ryan (the Druid), Ronan (the Spell Knight), Amy (the Dancer) and Jin (the Fighter) and advanced jobs (up to 4th) can be unlocked to play.


The game is in an English Open Beta as of February 1, 2008. There are few known bugs and the designers seem to be focused on adding new content to bring the game to the full release they desire.

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