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Arme is the cheerful mage of the Grand Chase Team. Like Elesis and Lire, she's one of the three characters that everyone will begin with at the starting of the game. She has been a member of the Violet Magic Guild in the Serdin Kingdom since an early age. Despite her excellent mastery in the arts of black and white magic,her thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. She joined the Grand Chase Team, in the hopes of learning more about the powers of KazeAze,the queen of darkness.

She has a very weak physical defence and attack, but her offensive black magic, which can cause tremendous damage, as well as her defensive white magic which are used to help her team mates in combat, is more than enough to make up for it. A unique ability of hers which some fail to see, is her dash. It's almost like a teleporting skill, but it only last for two seconds, and doesn't cover a long distance. But if used properly, it will be very valuable in avoiding enemies attacks, since she's actually invincible during her dash.