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Elesis is a Kanavan Knight and daughter of a Kanavan Tracker who never returned after he was dispatched to find Kazeaze. Her reason for joining Grand Chase is to find her missing father who she loved. She uses powerful melee attacks. Easy to use combination attacks and average movement make this a good character choice for both beginners and experts. She is more notable for her ability to reflect arrows, which only one other advanced character, Arme, can do. Her alternate jobs are Spearman, Sword Master, and Savior.


Arme is a cheerful Mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. After hearing that KazeAze can dispatch powerful black magic, she joins Grand Chase in order to challenge her. She uses black magic as offense spell and white magic as defense spell. Most of her attacks are only effective as combos. She does have fast movement including a short-range teleport that is useful for getting behind her targets. Her alternate jobs are the Combat Alchemist, Warlock, and Battle Mage.


Lire is an Elf from Eryuell Island, a community famous for their combat skills, but they are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid becoming involved in Human conflicts. She is sent to join Grand Chase to prevent KazeAze's plan from happening, which threatens their island. She has the best jumping ability and a quick ranged attack, but her attack is difficult to aim for beginners. She is suitable for cancelling an enemy's combo or support from behind. Her alternate jobs are Crossbowman, Archranger, and Nova.


A mysterious young man who is possessed by Kaze'aze and is released from her grasp by Grand Chase. Upon recovery, his only memories are his name, and him being controlled by Kaze'aze. He joins the Grand Chase to atone for his sins caused by his hands under the control of Kaze'aze, which still lingers in his mind. Lass has the best mobility among all characters which allows swift and stealth attack, but is weak in terms of attack power and defense. His alternate jobs are Assassin, Dark Assassin, and Striker. Lass is an extra character and must be unlocked by finishing a specific quest. Lass is available on all servers.


A forest elf from Eryuell island living peacefully with animals, but after the war in Vermecia, most of the place has been destroyed and his beings are almost extinct. Hearing the calls of the nature, he trains with the spirit of his ancestors and joins Grand Chase to meet KazeAze and protect the forest with all his strength. Ryan is an extra character and must be unlocked by finishing a specific quest. Ryan is known for his ability to change into an animal and his brute force. Initially a Druid, his alternate jobs are Sentinel, Viken, and Vanquisher. Currently available only to Korea, Taiwan, China, Brazil, and recently, USA servers.


Ronan is the descendant of the Erudon Family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan. He is sent on a secret mission by the queen of Kanavan to observe and assist the Grand Chase girls and attack KazeAze, but he is defeated and his soul is captured by KazeAze. After being released, he joins the Grand Chase. He uses knowledge of magic and his sword wielding attacks to quickly defeat foes. Ronan is an extra character and must be unlocked by finishing a specific quest. Ronan's alternate jobs are the Dragon Knight, Aegis Knight and Abyss Knight.


The seventh character of Grand Chase, she was recently released in the Korean server. She serves as a Dancer and a Temple Priestess on the continent of Xenia and also as an aid to the Grand Chase. She uses a pair of Chakram and combines dancing with fighting – she can switch modes between Fighter and Dancer. Amy's only alternate jobs are the Muse, Siren, and Sistina.


The eighth character of Grand Chase. He was released on the Korean Server Recently. He is a grappler and uses gloves/fists as weapons

Also available in the North American version, as Fighter, Champion, Asura and Deva his fourth job in North America version. In the Korean version he has Emperor, who is his fourth job.


Sieghart is Bermesiah's renowned hero 600 years ago but he disappeared in the midest. Reappearing during the time of Grand Chase, he joins them to save Bermesiah from the evil grasps. Sieghart bears the name of Elesis's grandfather. It is believed that he is Elesis's grandfather. Sieghart's first job is Gladiator, in which he wields a sword in contrast of Elesis's but grips it in a reverse manner. Siegharts's second job is Warlord in which he has a sword on his right hand and a spear on his left hand. Sieghart's third job is Ares in which he wields dual swords pretty much like those of Elesis's fourth job, Savior.


Mari is the last remaining survivor of an ancient kingdom once known as "Kounat." Having lost her memory, Mari no longer remembers who she is or where she is from. Mari possesses rune casting skills and magical abilities previously unheard of in this area of the world. She is immensely curious about the unknown and fascinated by subjects new to her. While satiating her curiosity by researching the monsters found inside the Temple of Destruction, Mari found herself face to face with the Grand Chase. Having her curiosity piqued by the Highlander skills of Sieghart, Mari decides to join them.


In the final days of Kounat's existence, numerous portals appeared around the kingdom, gateways leading to another dimension where belligerent demons lived. A faction of the demons desired to destroy Kounat and waged war against the suffering kingdom. However, an opposing faction of demons denounced the wanton violence and waged war against those demons that would destroy Kounat. Dio was a member of this faction.

When the war ended, the demons returned to their dimension and the portals were sealed. One day, Dio realized there was a weakening of the magic sealing off one of the portals and decided to go and investigate. This decision set him on the road to one day meeting the knights of the Grand Chase.


Fearful of the strength of the Ancient Demons, the remaining demon races banded together and formed a league to annihilate the Ancient Demons and began the fight with a surprise attack. The intense fighting continued for a long time with no end in sight. In the midst of the war, "Duel Pone Jack Avenger," the master of the magical sword "Eclipse," joined the war, taking it into a whole new direction. The ever reckless "Duel" lost all reason, and as the war continued, his lust for destruction awakened within him, and after destroying Ancient Demons and lesser demons alike, disappeared. The great wizard Oz Pone Max Reinhardt barely survived, and on the very spot where he was wounded, he created the Grandark, a magical sword that would rival Duel's sword Eclipse. However, Oz was unable to control Grandark's powerful ego, and began searching for someone who could wield it. After much time had passed, such that the past was virtually forgotten, a mysterious swordsman called the "Wanderer" appeared in "Aernas." He carried with him a strangely formed sword, the likes of which no one had ever seen while destroying every obstacle in his path, and while looking for evidence of an unknown mysterious power, he encounters the Grand Chase in Xenia.


Power and influence had always been shared by a few powerful families in the demon world. The more extreme tribe of demons who desire Kounat's complete destruction realized after their defeat that they needed to grow their own power by seizing it from the more moderate demons who did not desire all-out destruction. The extremists, thus, began to quietly cultivate their power. One day, the strength of the extremists suddenly overwhelmed that of the moderates, and the chief of the moderate demons went missing. Ley is the daughter of one of the more powerful moderate families, the Crimson Rivers. Peter von Crimson River, the blood red ruler, began sensing that something was amiss in the demon world and put a stop to suspicious activities on the part of the Burning Canyon family, and to secure their allegiance, sent his daughter Ley to Aernas to find Dio, chief of the Burning Canyon family. Ley is the haughty and coldly aloof daughter of the powerful Crimson River family, whose faithful servants run ragged trying to please her. Although she dislikes to be directly involved in fighting, she quite enjoys being a spectator, though her enjoyment is not betrayed outwardly by her emotions. There have been times when those around her became dragged into fighting because of her.


After being abandoned and driven by his resentment towards his estranged father, Rufus Wilde set out to surpass his father’s abilities and become one of the world’s greatest bounty hunters. He spent many years as a lone wolf honing his skills and perfecting his deadly trade, and after the end of a lengthy pursuit in Aernas, Rufus prepared to return to the Underworld until he suddenly discovered an enigmatic blue flame and decided to investigate.


Darkness overwhelms the world during a total eclipse. Can you understand why? This is a story of a goddess who sacrificed herself to save the world. Pure evil has always been a fact of existence. Once the Malevolent Horde was awakened, its black flame began to consume everything. The strength of the Malevolent Horde was so great, even the gods were rendered helpless. With the destruction of existence at hand, only the sounds of suffering could be heard. Agnesia, the goddess of life and purity, was traveling eastward when she came to battle with the Malevolent Horde. Realizing that evil can never truly be expunged, she sacrificed herself by sealing the Malevolent Horde within her body.

Agnesia succeeded in saving the world, but at the cost of her immortality as a goddess. She chose to continuously die and be reborn in an effort to keep the Malevolent Horde sealed away. As Agnesia's body weakens, the Malevolent Horde regains its strength, and the world will be covered in darkness once again. Seizing this opportunity, the Malevolent Horde conspires to flex its powers. As the world is overwhelmed by darkness, evil beings to torment Agnesia's body.

Once the eclipse passes, another girl child will be born, carrying within her an immense sadness. This time, the girl holding this darkness within her is Rin.

Rin grew up in the small village of Gaon, in an area distant and isolated from the rest of the world. The locals knew that the girl was the reincarnation of the goddess Agnecia, so they treated her with love and always protected her from any danger. Under the tutelage of the last priests of Agnecia, she became a friendly and cheerful girl radiating purity despite being a little naive, as she does not know the mysteries of the rest of the world. Trained to also become a priestess of Agnecia, her favorite pastime was playing with the gusts of wind that she was capable of commanding, probably due to her divine inheritance.

Unfortunately, on her fifteenth birthday, Rin witnessed a terrible tragedy. The date coincided with a solar eclipse that covered Aernas with darkness, thus increasing the power of evil and his followers. Out of nowhere, the village of Gaon was wiped out by a massive attack of demonic creatures. All the inhabitants fought bravely, but in the end, Rin was the only one to escape with her life, while the rest of her friends gave their lives to protect her. Behind that attack were the Evil Priests, servants of the ancient evil that sought to break free.

Alone and traumatized, Rin for the first time was taken by fury. It just made her feel the evil growing from inside her, trying to break free from the seal. Having come in contact with her dark side for the first time, the girl thought that she needed help to contain the evil that she carried within herself. Armed with her sacred fan, Rin decided that her only chance was to ask for help for the people of the great city whose stories she heard since she was a child. A distant city, where magic was of utmost importance.


Somewhere in Silver Land was the story of a young man named Jin, who dedicated himself to the Silver Knights led by Victor and a martial arts expert named Asin Tairin. Jin learned martial arts with diligence and enterprise. But one day, Victor suddenly disappeared and the Silver Knights were attacked by hundreds of powerful monsters. Victor had betrayed his Silver Knights to the Ascendant God and now lead the army of Black Knights against them. Tairin quickly forced his favorite student to run away. After the initial battle, both thought that the other had been exterminated and mourned their loss. However, Tairin barely managed to escape into a forest, badly wounded. There, a purple-haired boy found him. Feeling pity for the wounded man, he tended to him and healed his injuries.

Feeling hopeless yet grateful, Tairin returned the favour by teaching the boy everything he knew of martial arts. The boy learned quickly, delighted with the teachings and the power that accompanied it. However, this also gave him a sense of power, and he often dreamed of making the humans that caused him suffering pay for their misdeeds.

Often, Tairin would tell the lad tales of his former student and the tremendous power he had. The boy was impressed and wanted to become stronger. With those thoughts, he trained harder than ever, determined to become the strongest.

However, this could not last. Another battle ensued, with monsters suddenly appearing and attacking them. Tairin managed to fend them off to protect his new student, but he was again seriously injured. This time, the injuries proved to be fatal, and he died 2 weeks later. The boy desperately tried to save his master, but when he realized that nothing could be done, he went a little crazy and declared: "Master, I'll put your name as reciprocation for all this, and I swear I'll be stronger than anyone, including Jin." Finally he decided to wear his teacher's first name, Asin.

Wandering without purpose, Asin eventually stumbled upon the Grand Chase and sees Jin, who he recalls from the tales told to him by the deceased Tairin.


There was a small island nation called the Holy Kingdom, not far from Bermesiah. The people there have always been worshipping the God of all beginnings and were ruled by the Pope for generations. From some time ago evil forces that have been shut inside gates around the whole continent began leaking out. Pope 'St.Constantino', who sensed the invasion of the Elyos tribes, declared war and sent out the Holy Knights to the continent. Lime, a member of the Holy Knights, comes over to the continent with her fellows and succeeds in closing a few gates. However, she gets separated from her comrades during battle and gets lost. She comes across the Grand Chase by chance and gets saved.


Edel is the heiress of the Frost family, a noble family in Serdin that still keeps the tradition of swordsmen warriors in a realm dominated by magic. During the wars when magic became Serdin's main weapon, the Frost family has lost much of its prestige. Edel and Adel Frost were born twins, with Edel being born moments after her twin brother. Being male and firstborn, Adel should have been the one to carry on the family tradition by becoming a swordsman and revive the name of his family. However, Adel suffered from a debilitating disease and could not leave his home. Thus, it fell to Edel to enlist in the Knights of Serdin to restore the Frost family's honour.

One day, when Edel returned to her family for feeling uncomfortable with a pain in her right eye, she realized that a curse had been placed on her family. To save her family, Edel left on a journey to find the sinister red light that disappeared on the day they were cursed.


Veigas is the 19th character. He makes the difficult journey traversing through Trivia in order to enter Aernas and take revenge on Dio.