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Elesis is the hot-headed swordsman of the Grand Chase team and one of the three characters that the player can begin with. She is a Kanavan knight and daughter of a Tracker that never returned after being dispatched to seek Kaze'Aze. While traveling to find her father, she hear whispers about Kaze'Aze in the Serdin Kingdom. She hides her true identity and joins the Grand Chase hoping to find her father.

She has the most defense among all the characters and specializes on close- to medium-ranged combat. Elesis is also notable for her ability to reflect arrows and go on "Berserk" after reflecting a certain number, which causes enemies to be thrown upwards and then drop, receiving considerable damage.

1st Job: Swordsman[edit]

Elesis begins as a Swordsman (known in some servers as Knight) and wields a single-handed sword. She is considerably fast, capable of performing almost every dash in the game. Though having a somewhat short range, her attacks are significantly strong.

2nd Job: Spearmen[edit]

By completing a quest, Elesis can become a Spearmen and fight with a spear.

3rd Job: Sword Master[edit]

After further advancements, Elesis becomes a Sword Master and fights with a Great Sword.

4th Job: Savior[edit]

After Elesis becomes a Savior, she is allowed to wield the Ssanggeom (dual swords).