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Here is the trick and the most important unexplained part of the game, what can affect auras to:

On race:

  • Give a boost on the middle of the race
  • While calculating the driver bonus to the car specs, improve them (this is much better, than the previous one and will be needed to beat the final levels)

Out race:

  • Fast-repair a car for the next race.
  • Train drivers skills.
  • Get better results at installing parts (only 1 part, if you try to install more than 1 part at the same time, only the first places will be affected)
  • Get better results at creating a car (giving better specs that what it should give you depending on your team Tech)
  • Get better results at upgrading parts or cars (probably the most important)
  • Research faster

There are 4 types of auras:

  • Blue: 150% - Early in game use to create latest car model, late in game for training driver skills
  • Pink: 200% - Early in game use to create latest car model, late in game use it to create latest car model, install parts or upgrade durability on important cars, if not possible, train driver skills.
  • Grey: 250% - Very rare to found early in game, if possible, use it to upgrade speed, acc or handle of the really important cars, also can use it to create the car you think you are going to use to beat the latests levels or as a stat booster for the monkey land.
  • Golden: 300% - If possible, use it to upgrade speed, acc or handle of the S/A level car or A level parts, you will need to save one of this to beat the Kairo race also.

That % number is the extra boost they will give, on some matters, the outcome is not as easy as that, but just a part of the formula affected.

When trying to upgrade parts or car specs, the Tech only influences the time it takes to research, the outcome is just a fixed value multiplied by the aura, if any, meaning the driver team with non-high Tech attributes should contribute to upgrading if the driver got an aura since he will get the same result. A non aura upgrade with any team that gives you 10 extra points, will give always 20 with pink aura, and 30 with golden.

Here is the great difference between a really good upgraded car and a normal but fully upgraded, you will need the first to beat the game.