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Gangsta Bang[edit]

  • Follow the yellow arrow to the phone.

Mission 1[edit]

This is the left-most phone in south park.

  • Find a car somewhere to the north east, and bring it to a garage.
  • Answer the phone.
  • Head to the south, and retrieve a taxi with stolen licence plates.
  • Pickup Jimmy; he just made a bank robbery.

Mission 2[edit]

This is the second phone from the left. The Angels stoke some merchandise; retrieve them.

  • They are locates to the northwest.
  • Steal the bike in front. Quickly flee the local area, and bolt to the arrow.
  • Once you reach the destination, steal a car and drive to the phone.
  • Quickly drive to the designated location, and drop the goods.

Mission 3[edit]

This is the third phone from the left. Bomb the police department using a truck.

  • When that happens, you will be followed by a cop car.
  • Head to the person marked by the arrow to receive your reward.
  • A lawyer is spotted. Follow, but do not kill him.
  • Kill the lawyer and the people he is meeting with.

Mission 4[edit]

This is the rightmost phone in South park.

  • Collect two yellow cabs and bring them to the docs in New Geurnsey.
  • Head to the phone in northwest New Guernsey; it's within walking distance.
  • Assassinate a person and his gang.

GTS Beast[edit]

Once you complete this set of four missions, you will need to locate the remaining jobs within the city. You are first directed to the GTS Beast. When you enter it, you are given a job to kill some gang members that ruined one of the houses.


A bulldog is located in a cul-de-sac within the southern portion of the city. Entering it gives you a job within Kings.

Find the marked car, and quickly drive it to the identified paint shop; this car is hot, and will cause police forces to persue you.

Once ready, bring it to the bar. Initially, he won't accept it; you'll have to reach two different phone booths before you can have the car disposed properly.