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Spread across the city are you can find power-ups.

Power-Up Description
Crate These crates contain weapons or power-ups. You can open crates by punching them, shooting them or driving over them.
Armor This power-up gives you 3 extra hit points. So you can survive 3 bullet hits.
Get outta jail freecard Although named a card the icon is a key. With this power-up in procession, you don't lose any weapons when you get busted. Doesn't work for wasted and only once usable.
Cop bribe This one is indicated with a coin. It clears your wanted level completely.
Speed up Make you drive faster than normal. It takes some practice to use properly. Because you can easly crash your vehicle.
Multiplier A multiplier multiplies your cash reward from missions.
Kill Frenzy It's not a real power-up, but can be found in crates. When you pick one up you will start a Kill Frenzy. In a Kill Frenzy you are given a weapon with unlimited ammo. You have to kill a certain number of people or vehicles in a time limit. If you succeed you will get a cash reward and your wanted level is cleared.
Info These give you information about certain aspects of the game.