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PlayStation 2, PC
  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngBig Smoke
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Ryder.pngRyder's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
Ryder Puffin'

After the cut-scene, get into Ryder's Picador car, and drive him to Reece's Barbershop. Walk into the yellow marker to enter the shop. Once you're inside, walk in to the red marker to sit in the chair.

At this point, should you have less than $52, you will magically receive an additional $52. You must buy a haircut to continue. If you can afford it, choose the 'Cornrow', since this is the best cut you can get. See also: Appearance.

Upon leaving the shop, Ryder will comment on whether or not your new haircut is any good. For example, picking 'Cornrow' will get you a good comment, picking 'High Fade' will get you a bad one. After this, head over across the street into Well Stacked Pizza. Once inside, head into the red marker.

At this point, you must have at least $2 left, and you must buy something to continue. When you have eaten as much as you like, press Triangle button to cease your transaction with the cashier. A cut-scene plays of Ryder attempting to rob the store, words are exchanged and the cashier pulls out a shotgun.

Upon leaving the shop, the cashier will follow you out, and start shooting you with the shotgun, so either kill him to get a free shotgun (containing about 7 shells), or head quickly back into your car and drive off. Now drive Ryder home to complete the mission.


  • Respect: +3
  • All barbers, tattoo shops, and fast-food joints are now open.