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Mission objectives[edit]

  • Get in Tony's car
  • Drive Tony to Hercules
  • Drive Tony to Maisonette 9
  • Hang out in the club
  • Check out the front of the club
  • Get in Tony's car
  • Take your friends back to Northwood
  • Go to your apartment

For 100% Completion:

  • Complete mission in 4:30
  • Take no damage
  • Take less than 10% car damage.


This mission starts after the introduction scene, showing a bank robbery. After returning to Tony, you will need to drive him to the clubs.

Enter the car, and drive forward. You may follow the gps, but the best route is to head straight until you are on the same road as the two clubs. You will approach the club, and it is just after a slight hill.

After speaking with Troi, make a U-turn and head to the Maisonette. Enter the club and particiate in any activity. After some time, you will receive a call to the front door, although you may approach the front door to advance the mission. You will meet Armando and Henrique at the club's entrance. Give them a ride home, again going straight ahead and turning east once you approach the correct street.

After dropping off your friends, drive forward, and head to your apartment.