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Juju Scramble[edit]

A good time to cheat
If you have trouble with the policemen that want you dead, you can add armor by cheating and typing preciousprotection. If you want to remove your wanted status (remove all stars) type leavemealone.

Go and collect all the briefcases. The mission is very simple because the briefcases are very easy to find.

Bombs Away![edit]

If you want to avoid losing the planes by drowning use the cheat SEAWAYS to enable taking off from sea.

Auntie Poulet asks you to do damage to the Cubans while they are at a dock. In this mission you need to control remote control air planes and drop bombs on specific targets. Go to the Top fun van marked on the radar. Use the on-screen directions to learn to fly the plane. Flying the plane will be a bit tricky at first, but then you get the hang of it after a few attempts. Fly the plane to the dock where the Cubans gangsters are. Once you start dropping bombs, they will start to move. Your first target must be the vehicles so that the Cubans cannot get far. Bomb the car first, then go for the boats. If any Cubans are still alive, bomb them. After all the targets are dead, you will pass the mission. There's a bug here that you can make use of if you're finding the mission too difficult : the Cubans won't attack you unless you start dropping bombs. So you can simply fly out to the dock and kill the Cubans with the blades of the RC plane. They won't even attack the plane! Make sure that you don't lose a plane by drowning it; you've got only three planes. After you make sure the that the Cubans are dead, you can bomb the vehicles.


  • $2,500

Dirty Lickin's[edit]

After a cut scene, there will be a sniper location on a building. Get there as fast as possible due to the lack of time. Enemy gang members will be cheating by calling reinforcements plus one armed person. One ally gang member must survive.

Tip; Switch to the Rocket Launcher to take out the Van. Also when the last batch of reinforcements come, they move right across the street. A rocket in the middle of the pack will nuke them all.