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First enter the tier weapons 2 cheat then get in the limo at the mansion. Drive to the destination but stop on the other side of the street, get out and hi-jack someone's car and park it on the 2 guards. Run back to the limo on the other side of the street and shoot the car with the rocket launcher. Go back and talk to the owner of the store, then go to the next destination and reverse into the spot from where they are shooting. Make sure they can't get out then make you have full life and full armor. Once again get the rocket launcher and shoot the limo. If done right it should kill them all; if not it should have killed most of them and it should only take 1 more shot before 2 bikers will come out of a nearby alley. Use the hotring racer #1 and chase them; run them both over get out and shoot them with the revolver.