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In this mission, you and Lance have to set a bomb inside the North Point Mall, but no civilians are allowed inside, so you'll need cop outfits. Start out by finding a fast car and getting a Two-Star Wanted Level to be sure that a cop car will follow you. Lure the cops into the lock-up, and a short scene will play. After you have the outfits, the instructions will say to get in a cop car and go to the mall, but any car will work (in fact, it's highly suggested that you do not drive a cop car to the mall). Go into the mall and plant the bomb. As soon as you have planted it, rush towards the door. After a few seconds a cutscene will show the bomb exploding, and you'll instantly have a Five-Star Wanted Level. Run back out of the mall and get into your car, then head for the nearby Pay n' Spray to clear your wanted level. Drive back to the Vercetti Estate to complete the mission.