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Recruitment Drive[edit]

All you have to do is get a car, go downtown and find Candy. She likes the idea of doing movies but asks you to talk to her Pimp first. Conveniently, he shows up and sicks a few goons on you before taking off. All you have to do is kill him by destroying his car. Use a Bazooka or the cheat 'bigbang'. Or you can be purist and do a drive by. After this, go to the pizza shop and pick up Cortez' daughter - who also likes the idea of doing movies, "only if they are cheap and sleazy."

Martha's Mug Shot[edit]

In this mission you need to take three pictures of Martha with the senator. Make sure you have full health and body armor. Equip yourself with some bulled spread weapon such as shotgun or SPAS shotgun.

Take the chopper and follow the stretch limousine from the air. It will arrive at the Senator’s house. At this point, you will be told to enter the house across the street using a side door, climb up and take three pictures. Land the chopper as close as possible to the side entrance (If you have to locate the entrance first, land, find the door on foot and then re-park the chopper as close as possible). Make sure that the chopper is facing in the direction of the movie studio (this is especially true if you are playing the PC version, where chopper control are more difficult).

Climb up to the balcony and take the pictures. While taking the third picture, you will be spotted and the police level indicator will jump to five stars. Go carefully down the stairs. In the last two floors – on the bottom of each staircase, there will be two FBI agents (six overall). Don’t try to run past them, they will kill you. Take all of them out a couple at a time (I found SPAS Shotgun or a Regular Shotgun very useful, the spread hits both agents at one go). Once out, run to the chopper and immediately start it up. The police will arrive just as you start climbing. An FBI chopper will fly above you. Fly in a direct line back to the studio and get as close as possible to the marker zone. As you descent, you will be shoot at from below and above. Don’t try to land – just make sure you more or less above the marker zone and JUMP…. You will lose a few life point / body armor points but not enough to prevent you from running to the mark and completing the mission.


You have to use a motorcycle to jump from roof to roof, eventually reaching the spotlight and adjusting it so it would reflect your movie advertisement on a skyscraper. It is difficult because you are prone to fall off the buildings with your bike. If this happens, don't bother to get back from the beginning. Just go to your hideout at Hyman Condo and grab a chopper. It is easier and faster. Remember that this mission always starts at 17:00 and ends at 07:00, so you have limited time. Once this is complete, the spotlight causes a immense picture labeled Suxx below a immense pair of breasts that is permanent. The final three unique jumps can be completed during or after the mission. One jump to start and end the mission and in the middle is the jump from the hospital to the building across the street.