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Reward: $1000

Your job is to pick up a VIP-fare. Head east to the big street and use the bridge to Starfish Island to find the fare in time. Stop in the marker, facing the way you came and sound the horn. The VIP will exit his house but a rival taxi will snatch him. Follow him and drive-by shoot or ram it until the VIP changes his mind and gets in your cab. Head to the airport but be careful the rival will try to ram you to death until you reach there or until you manage to blow him up.

Friendly Rivalry[edit]

Reward: $2000

VC Taxis is taking all your fares - so you are not happy. Head to the taxis marked on the map and ram them to get their attention. Drive-by shoot them while they try to ram you, then flee when they catch fire to avoid to be caught in the blast. Do the same with the other two, that's it.


Reward: $5000, Kaufman Cabs will generate up to $5000/day.

You are instructed to travel to the southern port to pick up Mercedes. However, when you reach the required destination, a small troop of enemy taxis will confront you attempting to destroy your vehicle. I recommend avoiding their assault at all costs for exactly one minute. Using the columns in front of the warehouses can help provide interference. After that time limit, a black striped taxi will arrive which you will have to destroy. Drive by shooting is a good idea in this case. As an alternative you can take a sniper rifle and kill the driver and take the car but this option is very hard. One other option if you're really brave is to try to lure the car matador-style off the edge and into the water. Take care if you take out the car on land, though, as the driver will get out and attack you with a sword.