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Alloy Wheels of Steel[edit]

This mission is simple enough, all you have to do is know when to break, do not speed up at turns because you'll end up like the other bikers and crash but if you do then just steal another bikers bike.

Messing With the Man[edit]

This mission is pretty straightforward just cause destruction, be sure to have lots of weapons and/or a tank or a helicopter with guns (hunter, sea sparrow). All you have to do is destroy everything you see (peds, cars, police) this mission can be hard because of a strict time limit and the police. If you have a tank then just blow everything to bits!

If you are having trouble beating the mission, get in a tough car and drive down the main street on the footpath for an easier time.


This is a harder mission then the previous two.

  1. Get a powerful gun (revolver, stubby shotgun, Uzi, etc.) then get a bike (PCJ-600 is the best to use) then go to downtown Ammu-Nation see the stairs that go up, now turn around go straight to the police station near the biker bar, and speed all the way up the stairs, land on the roof and get off (you don't have to but it's easier this way) and kill every enemy you see then run to the bike and go to where you see the stairs (at the back NOT to Ammu-Nation) and ramp off that and land near Hyman condo. There are two ways you can escape the gang members: either go to Hyman stadium and ride along the beach and exit near the greenish building (there's an exit there) or go along the white wall and turn until you see the biker bar and race there.
Tommy Two-Wheels
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
20 Gamerscore points
Tommy Two-Wheels
Complete the "Hog-Tied" mission.
  1. You can go around until you see Ammu-Nation and race down the road you pass the buildings across south of the police station and turn and reach the biker bar.