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Road Kill[edit]

After Jury Fury, you will receive a phone call for a job to specific pay phone.

First, get a car and follow the blip on your map to reach the target. Speed up and either slam into him to knock him off his scooter, or attempt to spin him out. Spin-outs are accomplished by coming up on either side, and steering into him. Get out and shoot him, and the mission will be complete.

Waste the Wife[edit]

This mission is available after Mall Shootout and the previous pay phone mission.

First, get a fast, but strong vehicle, like a Sentinal XS. Get to the starting point. Attempt to crash only into your intended target. Repeated hits of things other than the target will result in a premature destruction of your vehicle. When crashing the vehicle, attempt to spin her out. This is accomplished by coming up on the corner fender, and steering into the car.


This mission is unlocked with The Fastest Boat.

Go and kill all the persons from the zellow cubs. You'll have plenty of time to complete this mission.

Check Out at the Check In[edit]

This mission is unlocked with Rub Out

In this mission you have to kill a man in the airport. How without weapons? Well, if you park a car in front of the scanners at the entrance you can jump over them (not over the fence). You don't have to do this though, because there is a sniper placed in the airport for you.

Wait until the woman talks to the man (DO NOT kill her) and then shoot him. No need to mention that you keep your distance; it's a really easy shot. Once he's dead, kill his security guard and possible airport security if they get in your way. Grab the suitcase and leave the airport. Don't forget to collect your weapons.

Look for a car or just steal one from the cops (there'll be some regarding that you got 2 stars). Drive to the ammu nation in downtown (map). Look out! On the way there will be guys waiting for you in cars and shooting at you with heavy guns. If you don't want them on your tail the entire time, you have to kill them.

Easy said, easy done. Instead of following the road, you drive on the grass after the second bad-guy car on the road. There you will find a pool (with a bazooka). If you walk further there will be a road. Just stand on the grass and look how the bad guys land on their backs and explode. To accelerate things you might want to shoot. Cops could be there too but won't be a problem. Now get a car (or get in an arriving ambulance if you need 25hp) and drive the rest of the way safely.

If you still think you can't handle 2 stars, just drive by the paint'n'spray on the long main road that goes along the water. Done. Simple as that.

Loose Ends[edit]

This mission is unlocked after The Shootist.

This one is really easy. Go through the gate on the left of the building where the phone is. eliminate the guys behind the car with 2 aimed shots from your m4. next, get the guys on the roof. Then kill the first 2 guys on the right and shoot the barrel that stands in front of the van. everybody in/around there will die. Now walk up to the roof and use your sniper to kill the other guys. Your ways is free.

Look out! Behind the box pile-up there's a guy hiding. Once you reach the small rooftops, there will be 3 more guys entering the yard. Kill them. On the highest roof there is a chopper waiting for you. Throw one or two grenades to the suitcase that you're supposed to pick up (there are guys waiting for you on the left and right of it). Once you do that, take the chopper and fly to the airport (marker on map).