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Stunt Jumps[edit]

There are many Stunt Jumps to discover in Vice City, there is no real strategy to doing the jumps. Just get a fast car, or motorcycle, and get as much speed as possible before hitting the ramp. There are even a few "Insane Stunt Jumps" scattered throughout the game that will give you an extra cash bonus for doing the jump successfully, in addition to the normal amount of cash you would get for a jump.

Here are the locations of some of the jumps in the game:

  • Right next to the Malibu Club is a ramp. This is a risky jump because if you don't get enough speed you will land in the water and die(That's bad!). The trick is to lean right at the last moment so that you cross the channel and land between the palms.
  • The first jump in PCJ Playground (need to clear the first building and land on the second rooftop.) Also the first staircase after this jump (need to land on the rooftop across the street.)
  • Both staircases of the Guardian Angels mission. On the one from the beach (the one Lance is on) you need a PCJ. The trick is to pull up a little right before you hit the stairs otherwise you will not get credit as the bike will bump off the stair case.
  • Both of the crates in the alley behind the Ocean View hotel.
  • On the road behind the police station in Washington beach there are two jumps. Heading west, there is a power station. Hit this at full speed and land between the Tooled-Up on the left and the fence on the right. In some cases, clearing the fence also gives credit. Going back the other way, a dirt mound gets you back on the road behind the police station.
  • On the multi-story car park, starting next to the Stallion that activates Cone Crazy, hit the ramp at the opposite corner and make it across the street onto the next rooftop.
  • At the mall in Washington Beach, next to the lawyer's place: go up to the roof with a PCJ. This is part of a double-jump. First, heading east, jump off the mall roof, over the street and onto another rooftop. Once you land, hit the breaks. Takes the stairs up to the higher roof on your left, then punch it. You will see two ramps in front of you. Take the second one in the corner of the building and try to land on the building across the street.
  • After finishing the Cortez missions there is a double jump in the Marina. You need a PCJ to keep up your speed and to stay in the middle of the walkway.
  • The last two jumps in PCJ Playground. The first is going up the stairs (in that building with the PCJ, a Cheetah and an armor pick up at the top of the stairs near the Pay'n'Spray.) When you land on the roof across the street there is a ramp that leads across the next street. The goal is to come as close to making the rooftop as possible. You can get credit by crashing so long as you amost make the roottop.
  • Jump into the Film Studio. After you cross the bridge, take the alley to your left. There is a ramp. Go up the ramp, jump across to the next building. Then hit the breaks. Position yourself across from the Film Studio and gun it.

Of these jumps, all but the Marina ones are available to start the game. In all, 31 jumps can be completed without doing a single mission.