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Unlimited ammo[edit]

Note: The ammo expires when used but it always respawns and you can get more there. Maximum at one time is 99.

  • Rocket Launcher: Funabashi. Enter the big building (the J-lab) southwest of the yellow Yakuza phones (further south of the green ones). Climb onto the roof and follow a long path to get to some boxes. The rocket launcher is on top of one. It respawns after some time so you can leave the PC alone for a few minutes while standing on the respawn spot.
  • Silenced Uzi: In a building in Looney territory. Outside the Looney HQ to the west. It's next to token 33 and respawns after a few seconds.
  • Uzi: Go to any phone with missions. The Uzis respawn.


Answer the phone at the start by running over to it.

Neutral Neutral
Hey there, stranger! Welcome to the Downtown District. Stick around if you wanna learn what's going down...

Apart from neutral areas like this one, the city is carved up between three feuding gangs - the Zaibatsu in grey, the Loonies in green, and the Yakuza in blue.

You wanna work for a gang, you follow their colored markers to their phones and pick up a job. But make sure you have enough respect...

Respect is everything, so be careful who you kill. Spilling one gang's blood will reduce their respect for you but increase your standing with a rival gang.

Be warned - you start killing innocent people and the Cops will bust your balls.

By the way, a Church like this is the place to save your progress - but only after you finish a job, and only if you have $50,000.

You need transportation and a weapon to get started in this city - and I'm giving you both. There's the car... and there's a pistol inside.

Enter the parked Schmidt for a Pistol with 10 ammo.

Neutral Neutral
You wanna see where the gangs operate? Follow the big pink marker to the Zaibatsu zone and look out for the men in grey suits. Some of them drive distinct Z-Type cars.

Drive to the Zaibatsu phone to speak to the boss, Trey Welsh.

Trey Welsh Trey Welsh
The grey markers will always point to the nearest Zaibatsu phones where jobs may be found for those with sufficient respect.

Tell your friends! The Zaibatsu Corporation is interested in offering contract work to anyone prepared to keep the Loony population to a minimum.

Neutral Neutral
The next stop is Loony Land, home to the guys in bright green nightdresses. Their cars are obvious from the smiling faces on top.

Drive to the Loony phone to speak to the boss, Elmo.

Elmo Elmo
Whoop-whoop! The green markers always point to the nearest Loony phones where jobs may be found - just so long as you have the respect.

Hoo-hoo! We Loonies respect people who like killing Yakuza poops.

Neutral Neutral
Now let's visit the Yakuza territory. These fellas dress sharp in the latest blue collection from Milan - and they don't mess around. So be cool.

Drive to the Yakuza phone to speak to the boss, Johnny Zoo.

Johny Zoo Johny Zoo
The blue markers always point to the nearest Yakuza phone where jobs are made available for anyone with enough respect.

You want Yakuza respect you better start killing Zaibatsu. Simple. The reasons - you will learn!

Neutral Neutral
Now you can see how the city's sliced follow the big pink marker back to me. I got a little somethin' for ya...

Return to the Church.

Neutral Neutral
I don't know much but I taught you all I know. Here's my S-Uzi Machine Gun - plus a Special Token for your trouble.

You can now collect token 13, and you are given $20,000 for completing the Tutorial.

FINAL JOB![edit]

The final job starts automatically after completing all 21 jobs for the three gangs.

Neutral Neutral
Well done, kid, you managed to piss off the Yakuza, Zaibatsu AND Loony Bosses and now they all want you dead.

The Gang Bosses have taken this personally and are out to screw you - unless you screw them first!

All three gang bosses pursue you in their respective gang cars, but they will exit them once they have caught up with you. Use a S-Uzi Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher to snipe them from a distance, or run over them. If you use a Flame Thrower, be aware that they will continue firing as they burn so you will need to take evasive action.

Neutral Neutral
That's the Yakuza Boss, Johnny Zoo! SCREW HIM!

Johnny Zoo drives a Miara and he is armed with ?

Neutral Neutral
HA! The Yakuza Brotherhood are orphans!
Neutral Neutral
That's the Zaibatsu Boss, Trey Welsh! WASTE HIM!

Trey Welsh drives a Z-Type and he is armed with a S-Uzi Machine Gun.

Neutral Neutral
NICE! That takes care of the Zaibatsu Corporation!
Neutral Neutral
That's the Loony Boss, Elmo! GET HIM!

Elmo drives a Dementia and he is armed with a Flame Thrower. Be extremely careful, as once you start to burn you will not stop until you are wasted, even if you find some Health (although you may still complete the job if Elmo and the other two bosses are wasted first).

Neutral Neutral
OOH! That's lights out for the bonkers mad Loonies!
Neutral Neutral
Shit, kid, you beat them all! Here's some advice - move on to the Residential District before the shit really hits the fan.

Don't leave the area yet: save. Collect all of the remaining 50 Tokens and pass all 20 Kill Frenzies before you leave. Of course, you can do it on an earlier point if you prefer but make sure to have everything done before you leave.

When all jobs are complete, all Tokens collected and all Kill Frenzies passed, save the game and feel free to leave the area by entering the sideway of the church. You should now be able to enter bonus stages A, B and C as well as Areas 1 and 2. At the screen at the end of the mission, "Area complete!" should appear (see picture). If you want to continue from this point, copy your savegame (in %PATH%\players\ - where %PATH% is the installation path).

GTA2 area complete.jpg