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Billy Bob Bean Billy Bob Bean
This here's the Rednecks, boy! You might be lookin' at some of us now - the fine-lookin' folk with gorgeous red hair.

You want our respect? You waste some of them smart-ass Scientists!

Doctor LaBrat Doctor LaBrat
You are talking to the Scientists, young man. You can probably see some of us now - the clever chaps in yellow.

Would you like our respect? We would be most impressed if you chose to eliminate some Zaibatsu.

Red Valdez Red Valdez
You are talking to the Zaibatsu. You can probably see some of us now - the cool-looking characters dressed in grey.

You want our respect? Try disposing of filthy Rednecks!

FINAL JOB![edit]

The final job starts automatically after completing all 21 jobs for the three gangs.

Neutral Neutral
Nice work, kiddo! Now the Redneck, SRS AND Zaibatsu Bosses are ALL out for your ass!
Neutral Neutral
It's the Redneck Boss, Billy Bob Bean. Quick! Get him!
Neutral Neutral
That's one in the eye for those Redneck freaks!
Neutral Neutral
Hey! That's the SRS Boss - Doctor LaBrat! Waste him!
Neutral Neutral
Ha! That's put a fly in the Scientists' ointment!
Neutral Neutral
There's the new Zaibatsu Boss, Red Valdex! Kill him!
Neutral Neutral
That takes care of the Zaibatsu Corporation!
Neutral Neutral
Incredible! You beat all three of them! You'd better move your sorry ass out to the city's Industrial District before things get any worse.