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Sunbeam Sunbeam
Welcome to the Krishna!

The Krishna are ill at ease with the Russian Mafia. We respect those who dispose of the Russians.

Uno Carb Uno Carb
Welcome to the Zaibatsu!

The Zaibatsu hate the Krishna. Kill the Krishna to earn our respect!

Jerkov Jerkov
Welcome, Comrade, to the Russian Mafia!

The Russian Mafia hate the Capitalist Zaibatsu! Kill the Zaibatsu and we will respect you.

FINAL JOB![edit]

The final job starts automatically after completing all 21 jobs for the three gangs.

Neutral Neutral
Congratulations, kid! Your activities have seriously upset the Russian, Krishna AND Zaibatsu Bosses and now they ALL want you wiped off the face of the city!

The three Bosses are on a personal crusade to nail your ass to the floor. You ain't got no choice but to kill them or be killed.

Neutral Neutral
There's Sunbeam! Get him!
Neutral Neutral
It's lights out for Sunbeam!
Neutral Neutral
That's Uno Carb! Kill him!
Neutral Neutral
That's Uno Carb plugged for good!
Neutral Neutral
It's Jerkov! Waste Him!
Neutral Neutral
Jerkov won't be pulling fast ones ever again!
Neutral Neutral
OUTSTANDING! You wasted all three Bosses! Shit, that's gotta be some kinda achievement!