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Grand Theft Auto 2 is not free of glitches.

  • Using a Flamethrower while entering a vehicle tends to crash the game.
  • Entering a Wang car and immediately leaving it crashes the game.
  • If more than one vehicle is crushed and the first one should give three weapons, only two of the weapons appear.
  • Sometimes the player gets busted and is wasted afterwards because some car rolls over him. In this case, he'll be wasted at another location, where he'd start if he wasn't wasted.
  • Invisibility doesn't seem to work. Drivers still can see you, for example.
  • While doing a Kill Frenzy in a tank, one may leave and enter it. When the Kill Frenzy is over, it's not possible to enter the tank anymore. This could be intended by the designers.
  • When the game is modified to have very fast cars, the screen may not scroll fast enough.