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Weapons are mostly acquired via green-colored revolving power-up icons spread around the district. The weapons with a green border around the icon in the HUD are weapons used on foot. Weapons with an orange border around the weapon icon are weapons on vehicles.

Some weapons can only be found and used with specific vehicles, for example: the vehicle rocket launcher, vehicle water cannon, and Armed Land Roamer machine gun.

All weapons have a maximum of 99 ammo.

Weapon name Description
Pistol The pistol does not have a lot of firepower, but it is easy to get. Cops and SWAT's are armed with pistols.
Dual Pistol The dual pistol, as the name says, are set of two normal pistols, but it is seen in GTA2 as a separate weapon. It fires two bullets simultaneously in a V-shape, which makes it a difficult weapon to aim. An additional benefit is that it fires faster than a normal pistol.
S-Uzi Machine gun This weapon is fully automatic and has more fire power than a pistol. Soldiers are armed with machine guns.
Silenced S-Uzi Machine gun This gun behaves just like the normal machine gun, but its shots are not so loud that the police are alarmed as quickly. The special agents are equipped with these.
Shotgun This is the first appearance of the shotgun in the Grand Theft Auto series. It fires a small shot of hail that is devastating at close range and effective against vehicles. On the downside, it needs to be reloaded after every shot. The shotgun is the other weapon that special agents use.
Flamethrower With this weapon you can instantly set people on fire who will die after 2 seconds. Civilians will run around while on fire. The only way survive the enemy fire is to grab an invulnerability*. Stepping in a vehicle while on fire means death. This weapon is not effective against vehicles, but can be used to destroy them.
Electrogun This weapon fires an electric shock to vehicles and people within range. It hits a multiple targets at once. The electricity will jump through targets so you can hit enemies behind a vehicle and over great distances. After being struck for enough time by a electric shock, you will die, even with invulnerability*. Unfortunately, anyone killed by an electric shock doesn't leave its weapon behind.
Rocket launcher This weapon fires powerful rockets that explode upon impact. It can destroy most vehicles in one shot and 99% of them in two shots. It can destroy tanks with four direct hits. It is devastating to groups of people and can even launch them in the air. Be careful not to blow yourself up with the rocket launcher. If you stand too close to an object you hit, you will get hit, too.
Molotov cocktail This weapon makes it's first appearance in GTA2. It is a throwing weapon. Hold the attack button longer to throw it further. When it it hits the ground it explodes in flames. Any person hit catches fire and dies. Most vehicles will explode or at least catch fire. It can even destroy a tank with enough shots. The main difference when comparing to grenades is that Molotov cocktails immediately explode upon impact, while grenades have a small delay.
Grenades Just like Molotov cocktails, they are a throwing weapon. By holding the attack button longer you can throw further. The big difference is that the grenade doesn't explode on impact, but instead bounce off of the ground and objects. After a small delay it will explodes with enough force to instantly kill all people within range. It cannot destroy tanks.

Vehicle weapons[edit]

Weapon name Description
Armed Land Roamer machine gun The Armed Land Roamer machine gun is always mounted on an Armed Land Roamer. This jeep (which also comes in an unarmed form) drive around in the Industrial District at wanted level 6. This weapon functions just like a normal machine gun. The gun can be turned around by pressing Tab+arrow keys.
Vehicle rocket launcher The vehicle rocket launcher is always mounted on a tank. Tanks are parked in the Downton District and Residential District. A Kill Frenzy starts upon entry. The player can than use an unlimited amount of ammo to complete the Kill Frenzy. After the Kill Frenzy there remains only 20 ammo.The vehicle rocket launcher is just as powerful as a normal rocket launcher. In the Industrial District tanks drive around at wanted level 6. A big problem however is that roadblocks at wanted level 6 are formed from tanks that fire at the player with there rockets. The turret can be turned by pressing tab+arrow keys.
Vehicle Water Cannon This weapon is always mounted on a Fire Truck. It fires a jet of water from the nozzle on top. The nozzle can be turned by pressing Tab+arrow keys. As it is meant for fighting fires, it isn't effective as a an offensive weapon. However people can be pushed over by the force of the water blast. It has an infinite amount of ammo.
Vehicle machine gun The vehicle machine gun can be acquired via 2 ways. First by paying $25,000 to install it with 20 ammo on a normal car at a car shop. The second way is to drive a normal car over a vehicle machine gun icon (which is orange-colored). The vehicle machine gun consists as 2 machine guns mounted behind the headlights of the vehicle.
Vehicle oil slick The vehicle oil slick is an oil drop that is dropped from an car. Vehicles slip uncontrollably when they drive over these oil drops. They can be used to lose a hot pursuit or at least halt them a bit. The oil slick it self does not cause damage but can let them drive in to a mine, building or water. You can safely drive over an oil slick by releasing the accelerate button and let it roll over the slick. 10 Oil slicks can be bought at the Car Shops for the price of $10,000. There is a maximum of 100 oil slick per level. After placing an another one the first one will disappear.
Vehicle mine This a mine that is placed on the ground from in a car. When something of someone hits the mine it explodes with enough force to completely eliminate it. 10 vehicle mines can be bought at the Car Shops in the Residential and Industrial District for $40,000.
Vehicle bomb A vehicle bomb is bomb installed in a vehicle. At ignition the vehicle will explode and destroy all vehicles, including armored vehicles and tanks, and people in proximity. Only players with the invulnerability* bonus are spared. The bomb can be installed at car shop for $5,000. They are activated inside the car. A beep 5 seconds before the blow warns all players of the detonation. One strategy for using this weapon is to activate the bomb while you are away from your target so they can't hear the beep, then drive it into your target and make a hasty escape. However, it is likely that you won't get out of the car in time or away from the blast radius, so be prepared to die.