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'Trial By Fire' (El Burro)


Someone stole a van full of El Burro's fine adult literature, but they left the back end open, allowing the magazines to spill out. Follow the trail, kill the thief, and take the van to the adult good store in the Red Light District


Enter the marked van parked near the mission start point. The game will focus on a highlighted stack of magazines floating some distance down the road and a 25 second timer will appear. Drive into the stacks to collect them. Each stack adds 1 second to your time. You do NOT have to collect every stack, and actually should not attempt to. If you miss one, it will take you more than a second to back up and collect it, so just continue to the next one.

Continuing following the trail of magazines, careful not to role the van or otherwise damage it too much (be careful, as the trail will lead you through Triad territory), until it has lead you to the docks and through some alleys, to a man standing next to a van. Kill him by either hitting him with your van if it is undamaged enough, or get out and just shoot/beat him, then return to your original van and take an easy drive to the marked location in the Red Light District. This mission may take a few tries to learn the magazine trail so you can anticipate turns and not miss any or waste time looking for the next stack of magazines.



New Missions Available[edit]

'None, but if you return to the ringing payphone after completing this mission, the mission Turismo will start.