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'Blow Fish' (03:06)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Triads And Tribulations' (Toni)


Toni says he's had enough of this war and wants to deal a decisive blow to the Triads by knocking out their source of income, their fish factory. 8-Ball's loaded a Trashmaster with explosives, and the gate will open automatically for you. The bomb is on a timer "so if you screw up there'll be no evidence."


Drive over to 8-Ball's and get in the Trashmaster. The timer will start automatically. Be very careful with it. Don't let it get too damaged (watch the damage meter) and whatever you do don't flip it.

Next, drive to the Turtle Head Fish Factory. The gate opens automatically for you. Park it in the indicated area between the gas tanks. You can arm the bomb if you wish, but if you leave it will still go off when the timer runs out, allowing you to vacate the area ahead of time.

But don't worry if you don't escape in time, even though it makes one heck of an explosion you can't be hurt by anything other than the exploding Trashmaster itself; you can still be in the compound when it goes off and not end up blown to smithereens along with the building.


$30,000 and completion of Toni's mission arc.

New Missions Available[edit]